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    Had a massive crush on Kate Beckinsale for a while :c

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    Patrick nom nom!

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    No Drew Barrymore yet? wtf^^

    I would like to apologize to anyone i have not offended.
    Please be patient. I will get to you shortly.

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    Julie McNiven

    I've never seen a redhead this attractive.

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    Growing up, had the biggest crush ever on Gwen Stefani. Super hot, kinda punky, slightly skanky... yeah, just totally did it for me.

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    ive always had a crush on emma watson ive had dreams about us going out and stuff haah

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    Tyra Banks not only because shes hot but because shes tall, smart and has a strong willed personality.

    Uma Thurman just because of how dangerously hot she was in kill bill
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    Vin Diesel... ongoing crush for several years

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    Eva Green
    Mila Kunis
    Natali Portman
    Liv Tyler
    Milla jovovich
    Yvonne Strahovski
    Olivia Wilde - huge crush...

    when I was younger Jessica Alba and Angelina just Alba.
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    Miku Hatsune

    who says you can't have a crush on someone non-existent ^^
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    Slightly wicked, but I am sure my fellow danes would agree on this one!

    Being a heartfelt-fan of elder classic danish movies, ive always had a crosstime crush on Lone Hertz!
    (the blonde!)

    Talented and true danish beauty!

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    Eric Bana!

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    Jennifer Aniston has always been my crush ever since I first saw Leprechaun. She is stunningly beautiful,smart, a great actress and has that innocent look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theronus View Post
    Michelle Trachtenberg
    YES! Her. If I was a guy, I would probably stalk her.

    As for a guy crush, since I'm straight...

    Christian Camargo. He's just too cute.

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    Lots of good celebrity crushes. Mine vary, girlfriend thinks I'm nuts because they are all so different.
    1.)Jennifer Love Hewitt- Heartbreakers did it for me back in the day. She's aged pretty well.
    2.) Kat Von D- Something about tattooed chicks, something about em'.
    3.)Katey Sagal-I can't explain this one...

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    Almost forgot Piper Parabo...don't even need a reason why.

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    Kate Beckinsale

    << Avatar!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    Almost forgot Piper Parabo...don't even need a reason why.

    omg yes! I forgot about her as well! pretty much the only blonde i like.

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    Oh yeah I forgot to mention Michelle Rodriguez. I've had a thing for her since the first Resident Evil.

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