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    Spriest DPS issue


    I have a problem with my DPS as Spriest since the early Fireland patch where our dots got a bit nerfed and MB got a bit buffed.

    I am usally pugging DS so I dont have any world of logs.

    I got 4 set bonus from tier 13(LFR version) and I am not sure about the stats prioritys after running a DS pug with a social guildie, where we both had about equal gear. While I am still holding a hand on haste->mastery with dots and MB, he runs with a mastery->haste and pulls off higher numbers than me. I have lately tried to copy what he did but I am not finding any hold in it.

    So I am wondering:

    Is there any kind of addon which can track this?
    What is my opener if I am to follow a more mindspike heavy dmg rotation?
    What should the balance between haste and mastery be to max out fully on it?

    Carabelle-Grim Batol[EU]
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