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    Destro vs. Heroic Madness


    I feel I am underperforming on this fight and would like to ask your advice. Could you give some tips or tricks for maximizing DPS?

    In particular, I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how Spellweaving works. Do dot ticks trigger it? I'm thinking specifically about when we have to burn down bloods from hemorhage, and what my tactic should be. I think I should leave out shadow dots completely, but should I spread immolate to all of them, or just shadowburn/shadowfury and then single target one?

    Thank you.
    Ashin, Stormreaver
    South of Heaven

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    Yes every single tick has a chance to proc it.
    If I played destro here I would agony the corruptions as they spawned and apply corruption before you start to burn them, during the burn if possible shadowflame them (don't bother with shadowfury because it is just one hit and not a damage dot) and the rain of fire the adds.

    Not sure if it is viable to immolate the adds because its not an instant cast and I don't think it ticks as frequently as the other dots. The whole idea is to get as many procs as possible here.

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    For some reason I didn't consider RoF lol. That makes sense now that you explain it.

    I'm not sure about precasting shadow dots because we're having trouble getting the Corruption down on time, and I don't really want to leave it.
    Ashin, Stormreaver
    South of Heaven

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    Ya if you guys are having trouble with the corruption then just stay on it longer. Just remember if you're gonna dot them at some point go with your instants over immolate. Good luck with your progression =)

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    The thing is.. with that haste buff in play my immolate takes a GCD just like corruption would, I feel. And its much higher DPET.

    I think I'm going to try 5ximmo then channel RoF. By the time RoF is done, the last tick of the first immolate will have happened. Hopefully we kill the bloods by then, otherwise I will repeat.
    Ashin, Stormreaver
    South of Heaven

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    Ah ya. I was figuring that the procs from corr and agony would make up the difference of immolate having a better dpet.

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    What i did as destruction, was just immolate a few bloods for some extra proccing and then shadowflame + rain of fire once the parasite is up. If you lack dps on other things, lower the "aoe whoring" and optimize the other parts. Obviously your dps will see a huge hit the less you do useless damage on bloods! You can do CORR too, but it's waste of damage imo, if anything Immolate > Rain of Fire and Shadowflame when you can!

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    Do you guys know how many targets, specifically, are required before RoF becomes efficient damage? My gut is saying 4 or 5?
    Ashin, Stormreaver
    South of Heaven

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