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    Gear check/reforge check

    Hi guys, I got to 1993 haste plateau for VT+2 as goblin w/ DI, then I reforged mastery, is this the right thing to do( I don't use MS/MB rotation since I don't have 4-set yet)? We are 5/8HM 10M guild, so will the mastery be good?

    In case it matters, if I reforge all to haste, I would have 2359 haste.

    Also, is there something special at 2525 haste?

    Here's my armory (hopefully updated): (can't post links, just look me up on US battle.net)

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    Max haste in all situations.

    Only mess with mastery reforging when you have 4-set and only need burst in very specific portions of certain fights, like Spine of Deathwing.

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