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    H Spine and fiend (shadow)

    I was wondering if other spriests are finding that having fiend up for 2nd half of tendon on spine is hit/miss?
    Seems about 50% of the time for me it will be off CD, other 50% not.

    I'm considering going away from haste/mastery and into crit/master for this fight in order to (hopefully) get more crit MF ticks to bring fiend back up reliably.
    (have 41% haste raid buffed presently, and legendary)
    I'm not sure how to effectively SimC just tendon damage, Amalg/Blood damage is a non-issue.

    Thoughts? Experiences?


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    When we were working on spine I was going mastery/crit and getting a mages fm for the non burn phases. They would switch fm back once it was buring time.

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    Generally didn't have fiend up for 2nd half of each tendon, didn't really matter though still got them down on time. Can go more crit if it's a problem for your group.
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    Spam mind flay and literally nothing else.

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    For spine only gear I change out is my Scintillating Rodswand for Hungermouth and 2 trinkets, I use Bottled Wishes and the Necromantic Focus (throw a swp on 2 bloods just b4 the plate lifts to keep your Soul Fragment stacks) then reforge the gear more at towards mastery>crit>haste.
    I use a site to do my reforging for me as it saves me a tonn of G and if you have the Reforgerade addon you can just copy the summary into the addon and it will reforge the gear for you.

    This is a Template of the Stat weights I use for spine WoW Reforge
    If you plug yourself into that that's how I reforge for the fight.
    For the fight itself all I do is have swp on the Amalg and flay it like nuts till the fiend cooldown resets, if you have a arcane mage you should steal his FM, we have x2 Spriest and x2 mages on that so we both get FM.

    I'm also on Corruption breaking duty and still manage to reset it 98% of the time, the other 2% is really unlucky with crits or I get gripped every cd.
    Most of the time doing this I am top 3 for tendon dmg (At least 1.3mil per first lifts and about 1mil for the 2nd lifts) this week was top as I got a few huge MB crits and my staff duped them, don't claim to be amazing but I pull my weight (when Australian Internet lets me that is lol )

    edit: Also these are my 3 main macros for the fight, what I do is spam this first one as the plate is lifting and get x2 crit debuff on the the tendon then pop the wings/trinket/fiend one then mb, spike etc etc

    /tar boss2
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /cancelaura mind melt
    /cast mind spike
    /cast [target=boss2] mind spike
    /tar boss2
    #showtooltip Archangel
    /tar boss2
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /cast Shadowfiend
    /cast Archangel
    /use 14
    /tar boss2
    /cancelaura mind melt
    /cast mind blast
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    Thanks for the replies, I will give the reforges a try.
    My damage is fine on the tendons when fiend is up, close to our arcane mage, so I think it will be really good once I get fiend up reliably.
    Also I prefer to leave mindmelt up and just weave mindflay in while waiting on orb proc after mindspikes. But I'll play with it.
    Our casters are an arcane mage, destro lock, and myself, so I already get FM and DI (whee!)

    Thanks for sharing your reforge scheme. I've been using wowreforge for a long time now I <3 it.

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    I reforge Mastery>crit>haste for this encounter... fiend is every tendon rdy and overall dmg is okay

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