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    Do dogs get worried?

    I've been living with my sister and her husband for 8 months now, and my Beagle and their chihuahua have been getting along pretty well and have been good friends since then. But yesterday their dog got injured while it was playing in the backyard and they had to take him to the vet and get a procedure done. Afterwards, it came back home with a cast and will have it take off tomorrow; meanwhile, last night after coming back home from work I noticed that my dog was acting a little bit lethargic or depressed.

    This morning he was acting the same way, so I took him to the local dog park. He didn't wanna socialize with the other dogs, instead he was just following me around just being my shadow. I know he's not sick or in pain because he still has his appetite, he still barked when I pulled in at the dog park (last time he was sick he didn't do this.), he played fetch while at the park. Another thing that I should add is that while I was at the gym this morning, my sister said that my dog was sitting down outside their glass door in the backyard just watching their chihuahua walk around inside. After knowing this, it just gave me the thought that maybe my dog is just seriously worried about its friend.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their dog?

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    Yes, both dogs have been 'friends' for a long time so it's only natural 1 will fret when 1 is injured or not around. Just the same as humans.

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    I want to say yes, but I'm not 100% sure. I know my dog gets pretty mopey and not so peppy when people are away from the house for extended times, but I only have one dog so I can't really say too much without certainty

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    Sounds like he is worried about his friend. It's not uncommon for dogs to have emotional attachment for your other pets as they see them as part of the "pack" as well. Once they are back together playing again all should be well, however, if you notice he he isn't changing I would suggest talking to your vet.

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    I have two dogs and when the male is gone the female will walk around like its the end of the world. Also if they are playing rough and the male hurts the female he licks her and start being gentle once back inside.

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    The female dog also will share food with the male, and the male will bring bones to the female.
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    I have 4 dogs and I would definitely say they can get worried. I have one dog in particular who likes to take up more of a mother role for another (Despite the fact they are in no way related and more or less the same age) and can get extremely worried at times if the other dog starts displaying erratic behavior (Like coughing a lot)

    Furthermore, there's a lot of moments where if one of us leaves the house for an extended period of time they get really nervous and practically twitch at every little sound which I assume is worrying over where said person has gone to. Mostly results in them just standing in front of the window in the door until said person returns.

    It is certainly possibly your dog is worried for whom he considers part of the pack or at least has an attachment to, he should likely calm down once he realizes there's nothing to worry about. Of course, if he keeps it up for an extended time it's worth checking in with the vet.

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    Oh absolutely. They're very perceptive and social animals, as well as being totally awesome.

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    Worried about what? Teenage years? No cause they'll be dead by then :P
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    I would assume so. My beagle is rather inseparable from my chihuahua though I'm sure the chihuahua wouldn't mind some time to himself occasionally. I know she gets really sad if he's outside without her or in a room she can't get to. As for worried, idk since I haven't really had a situation like yours :3
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