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    Leveling JC vs. BS

    So recently ive just leveled up my first profession to 525 and it was minning. I keep everything i got from leveling this up and was wondering if it would be easier to level JC with my mats or BS

    Thanks for your time and sorry about spelling English isnt my first launge

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    I think JC would be easier .

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    I have levelled both, and i personally think JC is easier if you plan to raid though, I would Pick BS.

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    with JC u loose stats opposed to BS...cause blizz fucked up when they introduced the new epic gems , but if u dont care about stat loss then go ahead and do whichever is easier.

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    JC is 10 times more easier than BS. You will probably be going at a loss if you level BS after TBC. From TBC onwards 1 bar requires 2 ores to smelt, so you will have to farm a ton more. It gets worse where you need a ton and I mean a ton of Cobalt and Saronite.

    At least with JC, most days you will probably find the TBC and WTLK green gems between 1-5G. Buy them out and you level every time you cut a yellow/orange design. You can also list them back on the AH for a small profit as most people gem their gear during WTLK and TBC especially those that are PVPing.

    You will probably have a hard time getting to sell any of the green/blue BoEs that you craft. You will end up vendoring or just Disenchanting them. Even for raiding, unless you are in a hardcore raiding guild, BS has a very small adavantage over JC and only after you are fully epic gemed.

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    Probably JC although as others have said BS is superior at the moment, since MoP is close (i say close..) I'd go for BS since craftable armour and weps will be far more valuable at the start of the expansion than having slightly better gems.

    The best option is to get enough mats, drop Mining and level both, then maybe pick up Mining with an alt to farm the new mats in MoP, that's what I've just done anyway.
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    Aright thanks i think ill spend the little extra time farming or buying ore and just make a ton of gold at the beginning of MOP

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