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  • *Her*b

    176 53.66%
  • "erb"

    152 46.34%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    'erb. I'm canadian. Either way would be fine if I heard it.

    Let's be honest... English is spoken in many ways. Even in American, Canada or England. That's just how it is.
    This exactly, except I'm from the US. :P

    It gets somewhat annoying when people make fun of other dialects. Yes, people from different areas speak and write differently (among other differences) than you, get over it, random person(s)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdriWar View Post
    Its pronounced "erb" but it's spelled Herb, silent H is silent.
    Because I had an a-hole 'friend' in grade school that would make fun of me every time I pronounced the h

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