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    Wowcrendor for King of the Web

    I normally don't make threads (this is a first for me), but since I didn't see any other posts about this I thought I'd spread the word.

    Wowcrendor is running for King of the Web, and if you want to support him (and the animals in the humane society he plans on donating any prize money to), watch this video and follow the link in the description (or click snip) to vote for him.

    snip url
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    Eh... no. Did not vote.
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    Aw yeah! I know where all my votes are going :3

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    I don't like his voice, so annoying but for the freaking Onision to lose I need to vote for him :/ meh

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    More self promotion for the " I sit on my Arse and earn money from ad revenue " Generation..

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    Doesn't this break mmo-c's rules about advertising?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alms1407 View Post
    Doesn't this break mmo-c's rules about advertising?
    Oh, I have no idea. I just thought some people who liked the guy's WoW videos would want to know... The only reason I posted it was because he's donating to charity, and I'm an animal lover. If it's against the rules I apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    I don't get it. WHY should I be voting for him ? Got nothing against him but..WHY, exactly ?
    Take some time to investigate his campaign and videos, maybe you'll get a reason.

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    spider-man for King of the Web

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    No idea who he is and I've never heard of him, so that's gonna be unlikely.

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    Well he used to have some good videos..seems like they are getting pretty dull

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    Advertising is not allowed, even on behalf of others.

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