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    Moneybookers = Huge Scam

    So lets just start here, I basically gifted a friend minecraft, we had it premium for 3-4 days, then it was automatically taken away 3/2/12 just with the new patch. Thought ok, read the forums, tried to get the transaction id so we can submit a ticket to mojang. Well, I think getting a transaction ID from moneybookers has to be as difficult as trying to turn a door knob with 0 limbs.

    Honestly this company is absolutely freaking terrible. Customer service is poor, they care about nothing, they are disrespectful as hell, and don't know what the hell they're doing. Some bum stupid company located in UK with rep's in india don't even know complete english. I called in and got the same rep (ooh lucky me) 4 times in a row, the second time I was a little shocked, the third time I thought oh well maybe he just is forwarded to me cause I called in previously, the 4th time I'm thinking he just must be sitting in his house picking this up with his home phone.

    My goal for tomorrow: Call in, ask for a different rep, probably rip his head off & maybe attempt to tear his lungs out.

    Heres the post of the entire story I made here


    STAY AWAY FROM MONEYBOOKERS, absolutely pitiful, I wish I'd read reviews about this place before I purchased it. My minecraft account for some reason automatically processed through mojang with no third parties back in july.

    Just though I'd throw the word out there, I mean just read these reviews


    I feel extremely dumb not reading these

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    I think I bought Minecraft with credit card through them. Didn't have any problems.

    Those reviews do look pretty worrying though.
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    Report them to your country's fraud investigators (your local police station will know the phone number or website).
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    Dont know if your in the UK or not, if you are then chances are you proberbly know about the office of fair trading
    if you dont, they are the UK's governing body when it comes to companies that dont pull there weight and basicly fuck you around.

    Have a look at their site, get in touch with them and see what they can do for you. from what you have said it would seem that there was not enough money for the transaction somewhere and Mojang have downgraded your account. Now if you have given moneybrokers the fee upfront then it is entirly possible that they are trying to pull a scam without you knowing.

    As for getting indian reps when calling a UK company, this is not suprising at all.
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