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  • Warsong Gulch (WSG)

    142 29.22%
  • Arathi Basin (AB)

    150 30.86%
  • Alterac Valley (AV)

    66 13.58%
  • Eye of the Storm (EoTS)

    28 5.76%
  • Strand of the Ancients (SotA)

    19 3.91%
  • Isle of Conquest

    9 1.85%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    26 5.35%
  • Twin Peaks

    46 9.47%
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    fuck you blizzard seriously

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    anything except strand and isle

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    Eots ftw, AB+WSG and you can see everything that's happening anywhere you stand. Unlike AB where if you stand at LM you can't see GM vice versa.

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    AB or aV , I Have 100 wins in Eots, Strand and WSG. I really hate the cataclysm BS's along with the IoC so not really a choice.

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    I like large scale, and I loved the old AV when you had to turn in stuff to quest givers
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    I like most the bg's except the ones where you kill npc's, also dont like SotA very much.

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    That's a tough one... a toss up between WSG/AB/Gilneas/Twin Peaks. I despise IoC and AV, SoTA is bearable as it usually doesn't last that long.

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    1. WSG
    2. TP
    3. Gilneas
    4. AB

    Eots is just horrible due to people's lack of knowledge of what to actually do. And the rest of them isn't even pvp in my eyes. I always /afk if I get IoC, AV or SotA

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    Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm are by far my favorite battlegrounds, always hoping they pop up when I queue to a random bg.

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    I prefer to see AB, and maybe WSG. These BGs actually give rep so getting anything else, to me, seems like a bit of a waste in comparison.

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    Alterac Valley has always been my favorite and still is. Warsong Gluch, Twin Peaks and Arathil Basin come right behind with shared second place.
    Never much cared for Eots, Isle of Conquest or Battle for Gilneas, but they're okay I guess. I absolutely hate SotA, It's just annoying as hell even with full premade groups.

    Ah, mind controlling people off the bridge in AV never gets old.

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    Any BG where I end up with a team consisting of players who know what they're doing...
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    1. AB
    2. WSG
    3. Gilneas, have started to like this bg lately :P

    Don't like Eots, AV or Isle that much as i mainly play on horde and my team seem to suck in these
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    1. SotA
    2. AV
    3. AB
    4. EotS
    5. Twin Peaks
    6. WSG
    7. IoC
    8. BfG

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    Any BG where I end up with a team consisting of players who know what they're doing...
    This quoted for so much truth. There's honestly nothing better than an evenly matched team in IoC that actually care about playing instead of attempting to just zerg the enemy base.
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    I like AB and WSG most. Simple, yet complicated enough and fun.

    SotA and IoC are the worst. These wall destruction BG's are not great design. They wanted to do something new but sometimes the new stuff isn't as good as the old classics. I remember once getting about 6 SotA in a row from random BG and after that it came like every second time I queued. I was cursing Blizzard for ever making that piece or crap BG. The worst part is arriving there as a filler when your team didn't reach the reactor and you realize you can't even theoretically win the game you just joined.

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    Twin Peaks

    Simple bgs, less people the better. Capture the flag and 'capturing flags' are the best.

    Bored of IoC with it's capture flags, look at reinforcements, kill demos, defend glaives, penetrate their fortress, use mines, break buildings and walls and then kill the enemy boss. With the least priority being 'killing players' - unless they stand in the way of the PvE objective.

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    I voted for WSG but I actually want to change my vote to AB. While I do love WSG, generally its either a dominate or get dominated BG. AB usually provides a more interesting match, even in losses I rarely get absolutely crushed.

    I love them both though, just add in EoTs and thats all Id need for a BG rotation.

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    Depends on which character I'm on.

    If it's my Shaman, then AB or EotS for some t-storm action, otherwise I generally like SotA or any CtF.

    I guess I don't mind seeing any of them pop up, but it is kind of annoying when I get the same one a few times in a row, whether or not we've been doing well in them.

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    SotA... not only great in terms of interesting mechanics, but mostly it's the battleground where healers have the least impact - thank god demos can't be healed. For the same reason AV is my second choice. Interestingly, I love those AV battles where something goes wrong and the bg turns into series of massive fights till one side runs out of reinforcements. In that case I don't care to lose or win... I just simply enjoy great PVP which is absent in regular AV. If AV was this way every battle, it would be my nr1...

    On the other side of spectrum are the 10/15 bgs (with an exception of WSG, which I kinda like), where having one more healer can and generaly has absurdly big impact on the game... Yes, I'm member of the "healers ruin PVP" group, sue me for my opinion... I just don't like to everything right and still lose because someone can negate all my dmg with two instants...

    So for me:
    SotA (Awesome!) -> AV (Great!) -> IoC (Sure, why not!) -> WSG (Not bad...) -> EotS (Okay...) -> TP (Not okay) -> AB (C'mon...) -> BfG (NOOOO!)

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