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    [Shadow] Procs and buffs questions

    Hello guys,

    First of all, sorry for my approximative english, i'm not a native speaker.

    So i just start to play my shadow priest again after leaving it since Blackwing Descent (4.2 ?). I have a few questions concerning dot refreshing and buffs.

    When I played my priest back in 4.2, to have empowered shadow up all the time was the top priority. Is it still the case ? Because I learned that we don't have to wait for a shadow orb proc to cast mind blast and It was the case in 4.2. What I did back then is that even if my dots felt down, i still waited for a shadow orb proc to reaply ES if it had fall off. Still the case or not ?

    Secondly, I also read that we have to reapply dots if an important buff procs. Therefore, I reapply vampiric touch and DP every time power torrent or my dark moon card volcano buff procs ? Is it the way to do it ? (because I tried to do the same cycle ignouring buff procs and I was approximatly at the same DPS, sometimes higher !)
    - If yes, do I have to do it with all the procs ?
    -If yes, VT or DP to reaply first ?

    Thirdly, back in 4.2 just BEFORE activating ARchangel, i reapplyed my dots. Is it still a good thing to do ? Also, is it important to wait for trinket procs and stuff to activate archangel ?

    Finally, just before my volcanic potion buffs falls off, i reapply my dots to extend the lengh of the buff.Good thing to do ?

    Thanks in advance for all your answers :-) I may have other questions in the future !

    PS: here is my armory if you want to gear check me, etc :-) http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/characte...C3%A0/advanced

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    - use mb on cd it brings more dps then waiting for orbs
    - don´t let dots fall off
    - i reapply dots when important spellpower procc occur (only weapon enchant is not enough there)
    - always reapply Dp when procs occur since it´s dpet is higher than mindflay
    - use archangel on cd it is a dps loss to wait (unless you have t13 4 piece and archangel and shadowfiend are less then 15 sec to wait to sync together)
    - generally speaking its a good idea to extend the length of the potion but dont renew dots that were renewed a few secs ago
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    You didn't wait for Orbs before casting MB in BWL (4.0, 4.1), and certainly not in 4.2 (Firelands) either.
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