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    Clear sodas when you're sick

    My dad recently said to drink clear sodas, like sprite and 7up, over darker sodas, like coca-cola and dr. pepper, when you're sick. I told him that the only difference between clear sodas and dark sodas is the phosphoric and citric acid content which only has to do with putting strain on your kidneys. I'm curious as to what the MMO community thinks about who is right. The choices of drink are strictly sodas, I'm well aware that soda is bad for me and I should be drinking water or something, so let's keep those comments out.
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    I drink cola when I have to throw up or get diarrhea because it is the easiest way to fill up on minerals and suggar, almost never drink clear sodas, and I don´t think they have different impact when you feel sick.
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    It doesn't matter either way. Tell him chicken noodle soup is the elixir of the gods anyway. I always drink ginger ale when I have stomach If i were a child that couldn't handle a little discomfort, i would drink ginger ale.

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    Yeah I always drink Sprite when I'm sick its the best!
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    There's a ton of different suggestions what to drink and eat when you are sick.
    Depending on generation and whatnot.

    For example, my great grandmother always told us to drink milk or water. My grandparents said milk or milk with honey. My parents again said water, cola or mozell (a soda as well)

    I for one prefer water, sugar seems to upset my stomach if i'm sick.

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    If soda is your only choice of drink, clear or light colored sodas over darks. Neither one is better, shy of ginger having a calming effect on the stomach. But where it comes into play is during vomitting, a dark colored soda can discolor it and either mask any blood in the emesis or make it appear to have blood in it. Better off sticking with the light colored just to prevent freaking out or not getting seen in time to prevent more damage from vomiting.

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    Uh, generally drinking soda when you're sick isn't the best idea.
    The best of it would be Ginger Ale (Ginger is good for soothing stomachs), and Coca-Cola.[COLOR="red"]
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    Flat Ginger Beer (not that fizzy water that Schweppes thinks is Ginger, I mean real fiery ginger beer) and Flat Coca-Cola (flat means you have shaken all the fizzy out of it).

    For stomach aches that are a consequence of a bad cold/flu: Mint, Thyme and Sage tea. Menthol (mint extract) soothes the stomach and clears the throat, Thyme contains anaesthetic oils that stop the sore throat, Sage contains oils that dissolve the mucus, clearing the airways and the throat.
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    Drinking Cola paired with some (preferably cold) junkfood is the #1 cure for a hangover.

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    The only thing I'd recommend, as the above mentioned is ginger ale. Although ginger ale has no ginger in it these days (I think one of em started doing it again?). It's the ginger that settles your stomach, not the soda itself.
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    Ginger Ale. Canada Dry, not Schweppes. Canada Dry uses real ginger(and tastes better IMO)

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    Hell, I don't even know half the time...
    The acids you mentioned can cause an upset stomach to get worse so for a stomach bug your dad is probably right. If it is just a standard cold or flu (IE head cold, chest congestion, etc) without the nausea and/or vomiting then it doesn't really matter what you drink.

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    I generally only drink Ginger Ale and Cream Soda, whether sick or not.

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    I'm drinking some Sprite right now to go along with this massive cold/bronchitis. I doubt it helps with the sickness any, but it certainly tastes awesome.

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    I was told when I was younger to drink sprite or 7up when I had a upset stomach... always worked, so I still do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiera View Post
    Drinking Cola paired with some (preferably cold) junkfood is the #1 cure for a hangover.

    Soda and hot, extremely buttery/greasy eggs does it for me.

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    When I was sick last winter I drank a OJ+Sprite mixed drink like 3 times a day. Not only did it taste good, it was good for you!

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    I drink sprite when I am sick, and thats the only time I will drink it.
    I was raised hearing that drinking 7up was beneficial when sick however that is some nasty shit, though I did drink DnL when it was available.

    My normal preference is pepsi/cherry coke, Bargs root beer, orange crush or Lipton Brisk.

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    The only sort of clear soda I'd suggest to take if your stomach hurts would be Ginger Ale that's made with real ginger if you can't get access to Ginger Tea.

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    what they mean with "drink clear liquids" is water and clear soup, not soda...

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