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    When I get sick I drink either Sprite or Ginger Ale and it works like a charm.

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    My parents always swore by flat ginger ale/sprite to settle your stomach, although I can't remember how well it worked.

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    I always got told a local orange soda brand, somewhat similar to fanta (but better. Thanks to it, fanta is a nearly dead brand over here) was good for your stomach while you were sick, and even if you were throwing up-sick regardless, it would make your puke not taste that disgusting.

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    I make home-made ginger ale (lemon+grated ginger+water) or ginger beer (lime+ginger tea made from boiling a small piece ginger in water for 10 min) mixed with unpasteurized honey, that stuff they sell as pop has way too much glucose-fructose and sugar in it, it gives me a headache. You could use carbonated water to make it more pop-like.

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    In the case of a sick stomach, carbonated drinks are a very good call. You usually should go after something like ginger ale or sparkle water over sprite or 7 up but any are good.

    You usually wanna put in some salt and lemon juice as well to ensure you're not decimating your kidneys and also promoting hydration in your body.
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