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    Minor Glyphs

    Can someone point me to a thread where this was discussed or let me know why Paladin Minor Glyphs are so dreadfully boring?

    I look at other class Minors... some are 'reduce mana cost of' this or that... but others are 'change appearance of' or 'extend duration of', etc...

    Why is every single one of our Minors "reduce mana cost by 50%" of long duration spells with irrelevant mana costs?

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    I guess Paladins just got the short straw although most minor glyphs are pretty boring. Perhaps in MoP all the lame buff cost reductions/reagent removals will be rolled into the classes and we'll see some more aesthetically orientated minor glyphs like the Priest's Shadowform or Shaman Arctic Wolf ones.

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    Ya.. I guess my point was they are an extra level of boring. Lack of variation and all that..

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    It helps you get on your legs when you've been ressed in combat. I think minor glyphs are made to be more or less "boring" and the paladin minor glyphs kinda goes beyond that.

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