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    Blade of Hanna

    The most elusive, and treasured sword in WoW that is perfectly shaped like a real katana came up on Auction House today...for 50k gold. Almost immediately after, someone then bought it.


    The rarest sword in all of WoW. How do you get it anyways?

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    Here is your sword, and two others that share it's exact model.

    Your blade is dropped in AQ20, UBRS, and MC trash.

    The others may be easier to get. Especially the blue one.

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    Hello! I own Blade of Hanna! It is indeed a beautiful sword. I have been thinking of selling it maybe sooner than later but still not to sure. It took my some time to get this myself, I am not even sure if it drops anymore. But if you still wish to acquire this item let me know. I might be interested since I just started playing again and not sure if I just want it to sit in my bags. Currently my character at play is named --SNIP--. I play alliance. Add me on there if your interested. Ill be posting on other sites about the sword as well if I start thinking more seriously of selling it.

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