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    Leveling in wow....

    I just cant do it anymore, in total during cata ive lvled 17 characters to 85 9 of them were started after cata began. I give some to my brother because he hates leveling even more than i do. But i just started a tauren druid to try to level so i can have a tauren druid herbalist for mists. But i just cant find the heart to level another toon. I tried everything, hardcore questing. pvp, dungeons. Nothing is fun anymore. Then once you hit wrath zones forgetta about it

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    What's wrong with Wrath zones exactly?

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    I don't see the problem here.. If a character requiring max level to serve a purpose to you, you'll level it. If not and it gets boring, you've run the replay value of the game and need to focus on other features it has to offer.

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    I can't play through the same game 17 times straight to finish either.

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    Well i used to have alot of fun leveling. Thats why i could do it over and over. I always loved questing because its the only part in the game i can move at my own pace.

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    Hmm, I haven´t leveled that much characters, but I´ve had two priests, two shamans, a warrior, a mage and a paladin to atleast lvl 80. I have no problem with Northrend questing, as I haven´t done every zone yet and haven't done any zone but Borean Tundra completely.

    Maybe I haven't leveled enough to be bored, but I plan to level 7 more characters for MoP.
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    ofc your bored youve levelled 17 to 85... seriously thats way more than most do, ive got maybe 4 or 5 and cant face levelling the rest of my toons anymore

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    Wait, doing something repetitive as leveling a new character to lvl85 a total of 17 times... gets you burned out???
    Who would have thought...
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    i got 24 85s.. i dont find it boring... lvling via quests.. i just started a toon on darkspear us server lol.. u jus needa take it one step at a time.. it could be way worse.. like old wow when 1-20 took a month instead of a few hours

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    I used to feel like that only have 2x 85's tho, but recently starting levelling my alts, just get full heirlooms and go ahead, since you've levelled 17 toons to 85 you must know the quests so it'll be really quick.

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    It's a game goddamn. If you have to work to make it fun why even bother... you'll survive without a Tauren herbalist.

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    I've probably made 100s of chars, for me I need to have characters that I enjoy fully, and if I tire of a race/class/look combo even in the high levels I will delete the character immediately and change to something else.

    I probably made 30 rogues before I liked the one I have now. Other classes are not so bad, but I find the right name/race/look combination has to fit or else I will eventually delete the character, even if it is maxed out.

    I dont put much emphasis on continuing the same journey with same character and I find leveling and questing and just building up a character offers a unique experience every time.
    There are so many well designed zones now that you can level a char entirely in Eastern Kingdoms without ever going to Kalimdor and have a choice of multiple zones to choose from.

    Leveling could not be better than it is now, you just have to enjoy the process to begin with.

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    I said hundreds times to myself "i wont level another toon, ever!" and yet im getting more and more 85s >.>

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    So you don't like leveling anymore...... find something else to do? I'm pretty sure you can survive without a Tauren Herbalist, I don't have one and I'm doing fine. Hell if you're just bored with WOW altogether just go do something else for a while. I take periodic breaks from the game (on one right now) and I find it more fun when I return later.

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    I have 3 85s, one of them is only 85 because I continued after experiencing the new cata 1-60 experience, one of them is only 85 because I needed a lot of ore and herbs, it went from 80 to 85 on mining/herb alone. Leveling sucks, so I don't do it. That doesn't stop me from playing the game though.
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    I stopped at 17.
    Is this some trolling or what? You know most of the players plays just a main and 1 alt.

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    That's sorta kinda expected, at least to some degree, when you have 17 max level characters. Especially when there are only 10 classes in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnowo View Post
    Wait, doing something repetitive as leveling a new character to lvl85 a total of 17 times... gets you burned out???
    Who would have thought...
    hehe, but doing the same raid, the same 8 bosses every week for 6 months is very fun...I can say its all about if you feel rewarded while doing it or not.
    All the game, either leveling, or dailies, or dungeons or raids are based on repetition.If the player feel rewarded he moves on if not he get bored..
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    Maybe it has something to do with leveling 17 characters to 85.. what were you thinking.
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    I dont see why you would want to level some class's multiple times, think thats the biggest thing


    if your determined to level it though, I guess you could twist the ironman challenge, level naked etc no new skills, I know youve already done some leveling, but just go from this point onwards like it
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