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    SimCity 5 - Launch Discussion

    For some reason there are no other threads about this game. As a long-time fan of the series, I figured I might as well make one. English isn't my first language, so I'll just go ahead and apologize in advance.

    Gameplay video (I recommend watching it.)

    For those of you who don't know, Sim City is essentially a city building simulator (perhaps not super-realistic however). You build houses, businesses, schools, police stations, bus stops, raise/lower taxes, provide water and energy for your citizens and so on. There are different ways to do everything, so there's a lot of freedom when it comes to how you want to do stuff.

    Unlike its predecessors, Sim City 5 is very multiplayer oriented. You can of course play it all by yourself, but I'd say you'll get the most benefit from working with other players one way or another. Part of this stems from the fact that you have various specialization options.

    These are the known specializations so far:

    - Mining
    - Drilling
    - Trading
    - Electronics
    - Culture
    - Gambling
    - Education

    Each specialization has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, Casinos will bring you a lot of tourism and raise tons of money, but the drawback is usually increased crime and poverty. Specializing in Education will unlock new technology which benefits your entire region, but large universities can be very expensive to maintain.

    Some of these specializations work incredibly well together, and by cooperating with your neighbours you might be able to focus on different things to increase efficiency.

    There can be up to 16 different cities in one region, as you can see here; The yellow lines in this picture are highways, while the blue lines are railroads. The big circular icons are construction sites for so-called "Great Works" which is a new feature. I'll quote the Sim City wiki; "Great works are huge undertakings that require Sim workers, lots of materials, and funding. *snip* Working together with other cities in your region will help ease the burden on your city and the finished projects benefit everyone.". You can read more about them, and which Great Works you can build, in the wiki.

    There are tons of other new features as well, but there's just too much to post here. I'm hoping some people here on MMO would like to start up a region or something once the game is released

    You can read more about the game at or
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    Hopefully ploppable and city growth is more straight forward in this game. SimCity4 felt too random with growth.

    Cant wait though. CitiesXL was a sorry excuse for a city builder.
    I remember it all too well

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    Hopefully it has nothing whatsoever from Sim City Societies, else it would suck big time.

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    hope they bring with the typical jazz and other classic sounds from previous game

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    Sounds great so many great oldies being brought back to live. First XCOM (not the shooter) and now this, can't wait!

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    I hope it's just as good as SC4.

    Found a trailer cut for the actual game, says coming in 2013.

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    Thank god, if it was the same studio who made Sims 3 then I wouldn't have bought it, judging from the absurd amount of expansion packs & online store crap.
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    Awesome, I was just reminiscing about simcity a couple days ago. (Simcity 2000 for SNES++)

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    omg cant wait!

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    I'm really excited about this, and so far it looks promising as a legitimate sequel (as opposed to societies)

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    A lot of the people who worked on Sim City 4 still work for Maxis and are involved in the "big reveal" tomorrow. Also keep in mind Sim City Societies was not developed by Maxis at all, EA had a different team make it. (Thus why it was so bad.)

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    Well, time to set aside some money for that.

    Unles they burned every single tenet of the series to the ground, this game would still be worth it.

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    Oh god why! I spend to much time on games like that, they are strangely addictive.
    Another game to add to my "want" list... :P

    Hopefully better than sc4/rush hour.

    Cant wait to obliterate cities again! Nothing like creating a city, things start to go bad and you just say "fuck it" and pop a volcano in the middle of town.
    Or go crazy with an attack helicopter or whatever.

    And creating that true masterpiece of a city, where everything goes well feels so good!

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    I see this as a reboot to the franchise, the lack of a '5' from the leaked trailer is the big give away. Hopefully the series will remain the focus just like the sims has over the years

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    OMG YES!!!! I CANT WAIT!! I hope it will be as good as Simcity 4, a bit better wouldnt hurt though.

    Ive been waiting for soooo long for this. Thank GOD they finally listened to the simcity fans.

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    I am SO stoked about this. I remember playing the first sim city in Middle school as a "learning" tool for economics. Been hooked ever since. I took think it seems like a bit of a franchise reboot, Like the new Mortal Kombat game (Which is great). The curved roads, while sounding like a minor change is gonna be great so all my cities dont end up looking like a quilt. Will be keeping an eye out for this one

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    Needs more Sim Ant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedleyazg View Post
    Needs more Sim Ant.
    This. I loved that game.

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