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    Basic JavaScript help


    Me and my fellow students got a task, where we are suppose to make a enrollment to a chess tournament, where you are to fill in your informations.

    But, I have a problem. I have made the basic layout, but upon pressing "Vis" (See S)(Danish, English="show"), I want to get the information shown in a pop-up window. But, the window is empty. I have made a basic example here:

    - and ofc i have.
    In the very top, but I couldn't make it fit with my screenshot

    The text in English to avoid confusion:
    Enrollment Chess Tournament.
    Enter your information below to sign up. When you press view("Vis"), your informationwill be shown before completion of enrollment.

    So question is, why do I not get any text in the pop up window? I am using Google Chrome btw Thanks in advance!

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    At first, if you have the right to use it, i will recommand you to use a framework for javascript, like jquery or prototype(those two are pretty powerfull).
    Second, You shall not use window.open, the popup system is blocked by almost every browser, use something like fancybox if you choose jquery.

    GL HF.
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