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    [A] <Pure> 3 day 25 man raiding guild 8/8 Heroic

    Pure is a 25 man raiding guild, based on Turalyon, Alliance side. We aim to find a balance between fast raid progression and real-life, and clearing all content in a timely manner.

    We are currently 6/6 normal

    As a guild we have achieved the following notable achievements, all with a strict 9 hour a week schedule:
    - DS Heroic (8/8)
    - Ragnaros heroic (7/7H Firelands)
    - Lich King heroic (10 & 25) before Cataclysm.
    - Halion heroic
    - 11/13HC (including Sinestra)
    - All raiding meta achievements

    We raid only 9 hours a week, so expect applicants to attend all of these raids, if you can't make these times every week, Pure isn't the guild for you.

    Raiding Times
    - Wednesday: 20:00-23:00
    - Thursday: 20:00-23:00
    - Sunday: 20:00-23:00

    All applicants are expected to have a solid knowledge of their class, and come prepared to each raid (flasks & food are provided), if you are not the player that enjoys reading up tactics, theorycrafting about your class and find yourself stood in the fire more often than not, then Pure isn't the guild for you.

    We are currently recruiting the following classes, of course, exceptional applications are always welcome to apply, regardless of our recruitment status:

    - Healers(Resto Shaman, Priest)
    - Any caster with legendary
    - Exceptional players are always considered

    Outside of raiding we like to frequently go back to old content for achievements and gear. We run alt runs on off nights (7/7H Firelands, 5/8H Dragon Soul), and enjoy doing rated battlegrounds and other PvP related activities.

    We enjoy playing together as a group of friends, and managed to grab server 1st level 25 through hard work from all of our members. If Pure sounds like a guild you'd like to join, head on over to our website @, or contact Ayd in-game.
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    Bump, Looking for more

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    Casters please.

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    Mages, Shadow priests, Boomkins. Any casters

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    Still looking for casters.

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    Hey everyone Hope all is well on MMO.

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    Hey, still need casters please.

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    How do you do???

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    Any casters around? Or healers....or melee for that mater. Hell ill even recruit pets!

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    Hey still need casters.

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    bumpety bump for it being a lovely sunny day today! Why are we inside?!

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    Good morning, hope you all had a nice weekend

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    Lovely day today, hope you guys are enjoying it as well

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    Almost weekend! any plans?

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    Tera beta for me.

    /stealth bump for you chaps

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    Hey all. We are looking Casters and healers. Anyone out there?

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