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    last thing id wanna discuss with a woman is politics, ask her to do your taxes if they dont work mention anal she either love it or hate it
    I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Haha, unfortunately man, around here, you're going to find a lot of sex-starved people who will shun you for your situation. Even if they're getting laid, it's not in the way they want and certainly not in the way you're describing.

    I was in your situation for a bit there, actually. What made it difficult is that she was a highly intelligent woman completely capable of the types of conversations and debates that you're seeking and I was wanting... but all she ever wanted was the sex. She claimed she never knew how fun it was before me, claimed it opened her eyes so to speak and basically it just got to the point where if we weren't in bed... we were off doing our own thing.

    In the end, it just got dull for me. It was like masturbation basically - just felt like going through the motions. I had to end it. Sure, I missed it almost immediately and for many nights since, but I never regretted anything. I just imagine the horror that would have been my every day if I would have married her or even worse: knocked her up.

    Do what you think is right. I think you already know.
    Wow you have it worse lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by davep View Post
    Nope I had a friend who had the same problem, obviously he loved having sex but this chick was just as bad as OPs chick and was a huge nympho. He had to get rid of her because it was getting out of control.
    The girl part isn't the part that made it sound like a false tale to me. That's entirely plausible; there's plenty of people that are either just plain stupid, have insanely high sex drives, or have personality disorders. There's not a lot of posters that are "independently wealthy" and get upset about having to fuck their girlfriends in the Bahamas.

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    I don't think this place is the best to try and get any serious advice on this issue, seeing as it's mostly gamer guys who see a situation like this and go 'Lol why he upset? He get sex!'. As a man, I can see why it's silly to complain about an attractive(I assume) woman throwing herself at you day in and day out for little effort on your end, though if it's really bothering you -that- much try and force a serious conversation with her, ignore your manly urdges and let her know how you feel.

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    Have her sign a pre-nup.

    Marry her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    anyone want doughnuts? i hear there is a great shop in Vancouver

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    I'm sorry did you say you were wealthy? I think I wonder why she likes you so much :P
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    get a bulletproof prenup and enjoy

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    Did you read your story before you posted this thread? It sounds absolutely ridiculous and smells strongly of hyperbole, even trolling. IF this fantastic tale of yours is true, try talking to the woman and not to an internet forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snakeseye0 View Post
    We can be in the middle of an intellectual conversation and she just takes me right there. I'm independently wealthy so I have time to please her but I would like to just do things with her also and have discussions about politics or physics or something. We went to the Bahamas and I hardly remember anything but the sex. She's really beautiful and great in bed and she says that I am the best she's ever had. She talks about my technique, foreplay, everything and says I am her 'god' sometimes when we make love. I just wish that I had a woman sometimes that could keep up with me in conversation as much as in the sack you know? I've talked to her about it a few times and always she just gives me this blank bubbly look and leads me to the bedroom. What should I do?
    Ummmm I see absolutely nothing wrong with anything you said....

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    New thread: Is there a Troll in our midst?

    I think so..but don't take my word for it. I'll start by saying I am rich and my girlfriend thinks I am a god a sex and she doesn't run her mouth. My problems are both vast and relevant....DEJA VU

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    Sorry but I can't believe this. This has to be a troll.

    Quote Originally Posted by orcpeon View Post
    god fuck that rule saying i cant call out a troll, this guy is a fuckign troll.

    zero out of fucking ten,
    And I thought to myself, there has to be people who are thinking the same thing. And here I am, smiling .

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    I'm independently wealthy
    We went to the Bahamas and I hardly remember anything but the sex.
    She's really beautiful and great in bed and she says that I am the best she's ever had.
    She talks about my technique, foreplay, everything and says I am her 'god' sometimes when we make love.
    Some people are actually going to take this seriously which saddens me greatly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikhale View Post
    Sounds like a gold digger to me. Be careful. Stay wrapped.
    This all the way. She seems like the typical gold digger.

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    Not sure but think the original post is lyrics from a Kanye West or Usher song...

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    I'm closing this.

    It's obvious that nothing good can come from this and no answers will be serious.
    OP this is something you need to discuss with your significant other, not MMO-Champion forums.

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