i am a 396 ilevel arcane mage with questions on my optimization
i am from the server ner'zhul(us) ingame name: clucks
1) insignia or cunning? i have both but askmrrobot says coc is better and other places say insignia is
2) reforging to crit? when is this good
3) offpeices: going to use 4/5 t13 and use the valor helmet next week but is Janglespur boots better then kavan's forsaken treads?

Stat Ranking Int > Hit > SP > Mastery > Crit = Haste
based on simcraft

? Int SP Hit Crit Haste Mastery
Scale Factors 5.4018 3.0766 4.2988 1.8360 1.5475 2.2071

just really confused and would like some feedback thanks!