Jefferson Einstein is the, without a single doubt, the best candidate for president.

His single policy, Legalize Everything

Policy on Drug Legalization:
Policy on Smoking Lettuce:
Policy on Prescription Medicine:
Policy on the Existential Crisis of Not Knowing if Life is Really Happening: On the existential crisis of not knowing if life is really happening:
Policy on How One Can Understand the Poetry of Congress:
Policy on Economic Benefits of Marijuana Legalization:

Here is Jefferson Einstein's Legalization Address, it's his famous speech that will go down in the history of speeches

Typed Copy of Jefferson Einstein's Legalization Address

When you look on this stage
Under all these bright lights,
You just see some guys
That you don't really like
At all, grow some balls
When you choose tonight!

But if you vote for me
You'll be doin the country
A really, really big favor--trust me, you can thank me later
When I legalize everything

I can guarantee you'll be
Much, much more happy
With me
I can satisfy all your needs
For shady activities
As you please, like

Prostitutes and drugs
Panda skin rugs
Automatic weapons
Exposin your erections

It's high time
You vote for Einstein
I'll legalize everything

Euthanizin old people
Poachin bald eagles
I'll fire the regulators
Of asbestos toilet paper

It's high time for Einstein
I'll legalize everythiiiiing

If you vote for him
You'll be helpin the nation
- God's favorite nation -
Live like the founding fathers did
And never have to bother with
Laws against anything

He can guarantee you'll be
Much more happy and free
If you wanna see tyranny's demise
Realized we should legalize

Public urination
Without taxation
Buying the election
Exposing our erections!
You got it!
It's high time you vote for Einstein
Einstein: I'll legalize everything:

Extreme religious sex/sects
Interspecies sex/sects
If you're wondering how i spelled those
Then you'll just have to guess ...

It's high time for Einstein
He'll legalize everything
Every single
Smokable, drinkable thing

Vote for Jefferson Einstein!