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    People using -- on Livestreams.

    I keep hearing [removed] is bannable....so then why are there tons of people who stream using it live infront of hundreds of viewers and nothing ever happens to them?

    I am sure some butt-hurt or jelly kid would have gone out of their way to report said players. I mainly see PvPers using it and I know how emotional some people could get if they lost to a team where the guy was livestreaming and using [removed].
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    i have no idea what this is but now i want to find out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faderade View Post
    i have no idea what this is but now i want to find out
    It works like an addon thing that makes it so you can change your character model at the hit of a button(ingame script)

    And it works on the fly...one guy im watching (human mage) keeps switching from human to troll to undead and appears to be working instantly.

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    I had no idea either what it was, so I google searched it. Looks fun, but yeah I can see it being against their EULA or whatever... considering they didn't like people making custom MODs for models in Vanilla. At least that was the last time I heard/saw that being done on a mass level.

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    Please don't post about things that violate Blizzard's Terms of Service, especially by name.

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