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    Quote Originally Posted by Venteus View Post
    For those into PvP, is Crit now our best stat there as well?
    I would assume so, since you don't need to hardcast to shift Eclipses now (due to Astral Communion). The extra crit is going to give you Shooting Stars procs which do quite a bit of damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekadez View Post
    Just a tiny question: How many of you will be leveling as Balance?
    As resto I defiantly will level as balance That way I can use my quest gear also for dungeons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rio View Post
    So, I haven't touched the Beta. I hear Balance druids can now glyph their Moonkin form to an Astral Form?!

    Assuming this is purely aesthetic, does that mean that Moonkin/Astral form is now a spell/CD such as Tree of Life(resto)?
    Why would it? You only change the look, nothing more. Moonkin Form still works exactly the same as it did before 5.0.4.

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