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    trinket advice on heroic spine

    so i have at my disposal
    reg necro focus
    vibrant alchemist stone
    reg VPLC
    reg theralions mirror
    foul gift of the demon lord
    fiery quintecence
    and a heroic insignia of the corrupted mind.

    my question is which trinkets would be best for heroic spine progression?
    link to my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...knwit/advanced

    any help is greatly appreciated as I'm clueless at the moment.

    Sxyandiknwit korgath US

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    Bottled Wishes from the VP vendor is an overall terrible trinket, but is excellent for Heroic Spine.
    As for your second trinket, I'll defer to the SP community but my gut says heroic IotCM.


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    heroic IoTCM is a given. im just not sure which secondary trinket to use. also i wont have access to a bottled wished for 2 weeks as a i went holy bought all the VP stuff then shadow after joining a new guild and dont cap every week if its a busy week(having 3 other chars you gotta manage sucks sometimes)

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    Moonwell Challice, you are exalted with Avengers did you unlock the vendor?
    MWC won't be up each time you DPS a tendon but across all burn phases combined it pulls out ahead.

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    avengers and the hyjal dailys share nothing in common. im not even sure ive done the starting quests for that place so MWC is outa the question
    quick edit to note im headed to bed and ill check back here in the morning to see if anything new has been posted.
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    Use Bottled Wishes as your second trinket only if you're having problems with tendon DPS. If your tendon DPS is fine, you should use your VLPC, as it's your next best trinket after Insignia. You'd also gain a lot by changing to troll for Spine. Tauren offers no significant racial for PvE.

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