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    Female - Raging not allowed?

    I need some input on this here because this is sickening and I don't want to deal with it anymore.

    I was leading a 10 man HM Firelands today, it was full of guild mates. We were at Shannox and we wiped, one of the Officers told everyone to shut up and stop screwing around so we could kill the boss. Everyone listened, the Mage switched specs to kite Rageface into the traps. We killed him and we moved on. All the while we were screwing around, making jokes and having fun. We got to Baleroc and I asked everyone to be quiet while I explained the boss to someone who hadn't done it on Heroic. Everyone began talking over me and screwing around so I typed into chat that since no one was listening someone else should explain the boss so that we could continue. Someone explained the boss halfassed and we pulled him and guess who got Countdown? Needless to say we all blew up, after that happened I told everyone to shut up because I was getting pissed and no one was listening. We ended up wiping two more times due to no one listening to what I had to say until my husband stepped in and told them what to do. - Next boss I told them we were going to stack for 10 stacks then spread for 7, etc. The Tank (Officer) pulled the boss BEHIND us after I told him we were taking 10 stacks first. Why is it that no one listens to females until they yell? Then if I yell everyone thinks I'm queen bitch of the world. No one cared when that guy yelled at the beginning of Shannox but when a female yells for people to listen it's the end of the world. I'm tired of being treated horribly and being put down because men have double standards. If you can yell why can't I?

    After the raid ended the Guild Leader sent me a lovely whisper telling me that I'm not allowed to yell and no ones going to help me if I do. So the guy who yelled at Shannox is allowed to do it and everyone has to take it but when I get frustrated from being ignored and I yell everyone leaves and calls me names behind my back?

    The Guild Leader then had the nerve to whisper my HUSBAND and complain to him grouping me with the rest of the female World of Warcraft population saying that I complain 24/7 and that's why he hates females in his guild. I don't complain anymore than anyone else does in this guild but of course when a female complains it's PMSing and when a guy complains it's "just talking."

    I have been called many names due to the fact that I HAVE to yell to get anyones attention and I am just plain sick of it. Just because I have a chest or because I don't have anything between my legs or because my voice is different than a mans doesn't mean I'm any different or I should be treated any differently. If a guy can bitch.. I can too.

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    simply, some men dont like to be told what to do by women. pricks

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    I think this belongs in WoW general discussion.

    Seeing your side of the story its obvious gender bias on the guild leader's side. That said, I think its best if you just let bygones be and just play with a completely laid back attitude. I understand you were raid leading but some guys just have powertrips and others just want to vent when they're not getting any. Your guild leader sounds like he had both going.

    Let it be, relax and have fun.
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    When a guy fucks up, this guy is bad. When a girl fucks up, all the girls are bad.

    Unfortunately, this world is still filled with sexist neanderthals who are really confused and scared by the fact that they can't just bash their women with a club if they don't like what they're doing.

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    You don't have to yell in the kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherb View Post
    You don't have to yell in the kitchen
    See, OP? That's exactly what I'm talking about! =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Needalight View Post
    simply, some men dont like to be told what to do by women. pricks
    Yeah unfortunately in this world some men still think women are inferior to them so they don't bother to listen to them it's sad but yeah it's true. Best solution just ignore them all and don't bother raiding with the likes of them again.

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    What i take from this is the guild leader seems to feel you're treading on his toes somehow and probably is trying to create the grounds for anything that may come up in the future such as your removal. I have seen it happen in guilds ive been in before and needless to say i do not support nor condone it and have left numerous guild as a result of such attitudes. The easiest and best thing to do is let the "half-assers" raid lead and wipe for a few nights non stop. They will soon realise that when someone who knows what is going on is trying to help them, they need to shutup and listen.

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    And this isn't sexist and bashing at all. Good job. You must be the brave role model for your sex.

    Quote Originally Posted by Selkhet View Post
    See, OP? That's exactly what I'm talking about! =)
    Quote Originally Posted by Selkhet View Post
    When a guy fucks up, this guy is bad. When a girl fucks up, all the girls are bad.

    Unfortunately, this world is still filled with sexist neanderthals who are really confused and scared by the fact that they can't just bash their women with a club if they don't like what they're doing.
    You just generalized as much as these so called horrible "men" do. Big girl!
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    Being the leader of a raid and being "Raid Leader" are two completely different positions. In my guild, I'm the officer that forms up the raids and then runs the LootTrain distribution client. There's an officer that handles "Raid Leading" and performs all of the vocal calls in vent when needed. Me setting up the raid does not give me the authority to perform the raid leading itself. There were a few times where the "raid leader" and I were invited to guild PuGs back in Wrath. Regardless of who had raid leader, we normally took the reigns and did our jobs as they were assigned to us and we were quite good at doing it.

    It has been my experience that most females on vent whisper and don't realize it. Only when YELLING can they be heard. (not that men don't whisper on vent, but I've noticed it more often in women probably because I've encountered much fewer of them.)

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    You just have a bad guild..
    In our guild there are quite a few girls, some of them are vocal on vent, and are always listened.. One of them is our main "voice" in every boss kills, she calls timers, tactics etc...
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    ^------True story!!

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    Are you new to the guild or something? Do you run with their core group? (if they have one) With all the whispering the guild leader is doing it seems like he doesn't know you that well or at least hasn't raided with you.

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    Sadly back when I played WoW I was relegated to yelling at people for fuck ups(well me and 2 others, but I generally did it after a wipe while they did it after raid)during progression, and honestly it felt like they weren't listening to me sometimes. But when our Female officer got pissed and yelled they'd go all silent and say sorry and shit. I dunno, you shouldn't be scrutinized for being a female and being the only one telling people to stop fucking around. So find new people to raid with or you'll just have to deal with it.

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    After reading this, i agree why your guild leader doesn't want females in his guild, drama, bitching, and they always have something to say. If everyone was having a good time, and not raging from the wipes, just chill the hell out, its a game.. damn women..

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    Perhaps you should consider hanging with a different crowd.

    Call it more matured, if you will.

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    Sounds like no one respects you because of your entitled attitude.

    Nothing to do with gender.

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    OP: Isn't it common sense that people tend to not listening to people that yell? Personally I don't care about gender when it comes to this. I ignore people that yell. Simply because it's annoying and there is several other ways to get attention.

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    Can't really judge since I wasn't there...I've had both normal female officers and some whining bitches as officers. Both yelled, but only one I felt like bashing in her head against the wall.

    I don't know you, so I won't place you in either of those groups lol

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