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    So I unleashed on a "friend" in front of a bunch of people.

    Have a mate, who is a good guy most of the time, but he ragers a lot, that type of guy that can't take shit, but dishes it out a lot. Anyway, after a random night of pointless shit I said something to him very minor, don't even remember what it was exactly anymore. All I said was "I should have done that instead of you" (after he stuffed something up) then he raged up throwing all personal insults at me in-front of friends and other people. So then I just unleashed on him putting him down and saying everything negative about him, basically you know when you have a confrontation...and after it you're thinking "oh I should have done or said this" well....I said and done it all right there on the spot, didn't miss out a thing.

    Now he has gone all silent and everyone else has started to give him shit and have been avoiding him since.

    I actually feel bad for him now....no one would say shit to him but now that I did it all infront of them now everyone has decided they don't want anything to do with him. The guy NEEDS to learn a lesson from his fkn anger management, was this a good way to go about it? before this happened no one would say anything negative about him because of his rage issues, but now that I did...people have been telling him what they think of him and that what he does is fucking stupid.

    He must really hate me now lol....I ruined shit for him so badly.

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    Dude got a taste of his own medicine. Not the ideal way to go about it but at least now he knows how he affects other people.
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    I have a friend who's exactly like that. he constantly rips on other people, and making fun of him on anything would essentially send him on suicide watch. I don't say anything when he talks shit cause, whats the point? All of my friends knows he acts this way, we all know he's turning into a giant douche, so me standing up for myself wont save me any grace or give me a better image. And me lashing out wont change anything about him, but will only make me look like an asshole for not being able to deal with petty insults.
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    I applaud you for doing that. It seems you're the only one who had courage to stand up for him.

    Now, I don't get why they were not avoiding him earlier. If a person is a sack of negativity, just avoid him and let him (or her) be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primusl0l View Post
    He must really hate me now lol....I ruined shit for him so badly.
    Well, just hope he learns something and improve himself

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    It's probably not something the drama mamas from wowinsider would tell you to do, or any advice column in the newspaper, but whatever. Dude needs to man up. If you want to dish it out, you have to be able to take it in stride too.

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    Honestly, I don't think you went the right way about it, but in saying that, there really is no "right" way to go about it. Unfortunately, several years ago my best mate at the time was very like that, but whenever people tried to sit him down and talk to him about it in a dignified way, nothing changed. In a lot of these cases, and you see it a lot in adolescents who are acting out, nothing will actually make them make the change needed, until shit gets particularly bad for them.
    People have a habit of not wanting to change things unless it is actually a problem for themselves "see weightloss", let us just hope that after this, he will learn a valuable lesson and actually study the person in the mirror.

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    Honesty always best. Does not sound like people handled this guy well, but an all out assault on anyone is pretty brutal.

    That is why I always tell people exactly where they stand with me. No confusion. I do not care if everyone likes me and would prefer them let me know if that is the case.

    Some people need knocking down every now and then. I have been there and learned and hopefully they will.
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