Hey there!

So, for this school project we had to 'set up' an organization and a website.
Our group came up with 'Sensio', which focuses on movie travels.
The idea is very similar to a normal travel agency, but then with movie trips.

Of course it's a fictive organization, and we do not actually have to do it, but we do have to promote/market it to some extent.
My request for you then is to simply 'like' our facebook page, to help us out.
The cool thing is that there might actually be something in it for you too! We're doing a monthly DVD (Blu Ray) Giveaway and by liking our Facebook page you will have chance to win!
Whether you win or not, you would help us either way!

Facebook Page:

Sensio Website:

Furthermore, you can also comment on the website. Maybe you have ideas on what could be added, or perhaps you could even suggest a cool idea for a movie trip destination? Do you like the idea in general?