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    Brights UI 4.3.3 (OUT NOW)!!! Finally xD xD

    BRIGHTS UI 4.3.3

    First i have to say Sorry that it took so long...

    But now we've done it.
    The updated and 4.3.3 ready version of my popular 4.2 Ui is now free for all
    I got many many mails for my ui, especially for the castbar, but i had not the time to make it uploadble, but the time of waiting is over.
    My good friend NicNac from Palahunterz had edited my whole WTF, Fonts and Interface folder and deleted my twink profiles and anything else what is not neccessary. So thank you nicnac
    I'm a designer so there was a huge chaos in my folders

    Thanks for your Support last months and i hope we see us again in Mist of Pandaria, with an new version.
    but perhaps u find many bugs that have to get fixed, and we see us sooner

    new version 4.3.3 out now with some fixed Issues:

    • New Graphics
    • added internal Global Cooldown Tracker
    • everything is updated
    • no more right clicking problems
    • Direct Download will be added soon

    DOWNLOAD IT HERE!! http://none.nathrezim.eu/UI/BrightsUI4_2_2.zip

    Here you can see my UI in action

    And here some screenshots:

    DOWNLOAD IT HERE!! http://www.mediafire.com/?124qp8gvxo71g1n

    How to:

    1. Backup

    1.1 Make a backup of your existing UI

    * Go to your "World of Warcraft" folder

    * Copy a backup of the "Interface", "Fonts" and "WTF" folders, paste them into a new folder of your choice or rename it to "Interface_backup", "Fonts_backup" and "WTF_backup"

    1.2 Delete the Interface, Fonts and WTF folder in the World of Warcraft Directory.

    2. Install

    2.1 Download BrightUI http://www.mediafire.com/?124qp8gvxo71g1n

    2.2 Unzip the downloaded file and copy “Interface”, “Fonts” and “WTF” folder in your World of Warcraft folder * (default is "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\”

    2.3 Open the WTF folder and rename "ACCOUNTNAME" (has to be in caps ... NOT your email),
    " Servername" and "Charname".

    For example:
    rename to

    Quote Originally Posted by zukoku View Post
    If you play on US servers make sure to change config.wtf to enUS should be 1st line
    2.4. Start WoW. Make sure "Load Outdated Addons" is checked.

    2.5. Log into the game and type

    /reflux switch BrightUI (case sensitive)

    Important: Use 1920x1080 resolution. If an addon is not working correctly make sure that BrightUI is the used profile of this addon!

    if you have any questions pls don't write me ingame, especially when i'm raiding.

    Have fun and let me know if u like the new graphics

    the old 4.2version can be found here if u want to compare both versions and looks..
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    NEW VERSION OUT NOW!! Brights UI 4.3.3 can be seen and download here http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Finally-xD-xD
    ...and also feel free to visit my utube channel (rate, comment, subscribe and thumbs up if u like) now with the finest in house and minimal

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    Reflux seems to be missing from the 4.3.3 package

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    Hey i just want to ask name of the skin/texture of buffs/debuffs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicKiller View Post
    Hey i just want to ask name of the skin/texture of buffs/debuffs?
    Yeah we need the reflux profiles for this package to work properly.

    And is it possible to change the language into English somehow? I'm still learning German so its not all legible to me at present
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    Can i ask what the white number is, just under your cast bar??

    Edit: Nevermind...its focus.
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    /reflux dosent seem to work ? anyone else having this issue ?

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    So are you making the castbar itself downloadable or do you have to download the entire UI? I really really like the UI a lot but I'm just soooo stuck on my current one that I really don't want to change completely as I'd miss the parts of it that I just can't live without.
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    The castbar is a combination of Stuf-Unitframes and AzCastBar. You have to download the entire compilation and modify it to your needs.

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    woot woot woot

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    Clean UI is a pro UI use your brain strengthesesess!

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    Simply installing Reflux by yourself after install and doing the command works.

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