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    Region / Faction: US Alliance (Moonrunner)
    Instance: ICC 25 Hardmodes
    Time: Monday 7pm EST
    Contact Info: PM
    Description: I am leading an ICC 25 hardmodes run. All are welcome for a chance at the Invincible mount. It is also a good reason to acquire your hardmode title - Light's Dawn. I am leading the run to help my Guild Master finish off the rest of the shards for her Shadowmourne. If the runs that have garnered attention due to this add, go smoothly, I'll gladly continue the runs for a second Shadowmourne. I will make the Shadowmourne that is created second, third, and so on, go to the individuals that show up the most and we'll figure out a fair way to make an order.
    Date Posted: March 13

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    Region / Faction: Outland EU - Horde
    Instance: FL 10 / 25 Heroic
    Time: Preferably 7pmish - Saturday, Sunday also prefered.
    Contact Info: PM
    Description: 396 mage with 6/7 heroic ach, got Rag to 15%. LF weekly 6/7 or 7/7 hc runs, willing to pass mount til everyone has it if I get the essences. If essences are reserved, dont bother contact me. Thanks!
    Date Posted: March 13
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    Region / Faction: US-Zuluhed / Alliance
    Instance: Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Time: Any time
    Contact Info: PM or in game mail to Elistan on Zuluhed
    Description: 394 holy paladin Looking for a group to finish up Glory of the Firelands Raider. Know all the fights, 7/7 normal 6/7 heroic. Missing 3 achievements.
    Date Posted: March 16th.

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    Region / Faction: EU-Bronzebeard / Alliance
    Instance: Firelands / BoT
    Time: PM me to discuss it availlable most days,
    Contact Info: PM or in game mail to Chrno on Bronzebeard. Or PM me on MMO-champ
    Description: 397 Protection warrior and ex-raid leader since today Looking for a group to finish up 7/7 hc Firelands for the mount and/or Sinestra
    Date Posted: March 16th.
    Warrior, getting my face smashed in because I love it

    "The Perfect Raid Design Drawn by me .

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    LFM H ICC 25 (A-us)
    Forming up now, <snip>

    Mod edit: Do not post realIDs in this thread.
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    Region / Faction: EU-Frostwhisper / Horde
    Instance: HC Firelands
    Time: weekend during day or monday evening
    Contact Info:PM me on this MMO-champ account
    Description: warlock ilvl 395 looking for heroic firelands runs, need essences for legendary staff & neck from hc majordomo
    Date Posted:03/21/2012

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    Region / Faction: US-Laughing Skull / Horde
    Instances: HC Firelands, Achievements Firelands, Heroic BoT/BWD/Tot4W, Achievements BoT/BWD/Tot4W
    Time: PM for more info, but ideally Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings
    Contact Info: PM me on this MMO-champ account
    Description: Hunter ilvl397 armory: . I'm an achievement whore mostly looking for missing T11, T12 achivies & HC. Know all fights except H Ragnaros and attempted Sinestra once (bad pug group). Would also love my BiS cloak off H Lord Rhy. Anything else, feel free to PM me.
    Date Posted: 03/21/2012

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    Region / Faction: Alliance EU
    Instance: ICC25 Heroic +Achievements +HLK25
    Time: RIGHT NOW
    Contact Info: PM me your
    Description: 1 Tank 3 Healers few DPS
    Date Posted: 23/03 22:05 ST

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    Region / Faction : US Burning Blade
    Instance: Tier 11 Heroic
    Time: Thursday (Assuming we don't derp too hard in HM DS clear)/Friday/Saturday/Monday
    Contact Info: PM on here
    Description: Armories in signature.
    Date posted: 03/24

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    Region / Faction: EU-Dun Morogh / Horde
    Instance: HC Firelands/ HC BOT
    Time: Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday
    Contact Info:PM me on this MMO-champ account
    Description: DD warrior with 394 can do both arms or fury my exp is DS normal clear(1/8 HC), FL normal clear
    Date Posted:03/25/2012

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    Region / Faction: US Horde
    Instance: Looking for a Raid Group for Heroic LK 25, Sinestra 10 or 25, and Ragnaros 10 or 25 for title and achivements
    Time: Anything past 7:00pm CST. Preferably on weekends.
    Contact Info: PM me for contact info
    Description: We are actually 3 people trying to get titles and cheeves. 400ilv Demo/Aff Warlock with legendary staff, 401ilv Prot Warrior/Arms Warrior, and 400ilv Shadowpriest. All have knowledge of the fights and we can assure you wont be carrying us.
    Date Posted: Sunday March 25, 2012

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    Region / Faction: EU Horde (wildhammer)
    Instance: Looking for a Raid Group, Sinestra 10 or 25, and HC Firelands 10 or 25(3quest chain) for title and achivements
    Time: weekend during
    Contact Info: PM me for contact info
    Description: 2 maby 3 ppl that know all tac All have knowledge of the fights and we can assure you wont be carrying us.

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    Nov 2010
    The Treehouse
    US / Alliance:
    BC Raids :
    Saturday 8-11 eastern:
    Dolosa-Whisperwind ally:
    Running a fresh core BC team, 10man (to make up for massive overpower of talents) only accepting lvl 70, if your fully epic geared, or Wotlk, you will need to regear into quest/boe greens & blues:

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    Region US / Faction : Horde
    Instance: 10man HM FL
    Time: Friday or Weekend
    Contact Info: PM ME
    Description: We need couple players to fill the 10man HM FL group, planning to run it every week until everyone gets the mount. Loots are open roll, smouldering essences are reserved, please PM me with your armory, you need to have atleast 6/7 HM done or no reply.
    Date Posted: 3/28/2012

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    Ilvl 400 ret paladin interested in participating in Rag 10H killing. EU region. English (obviously)
    (Can tank too, 393 ish ilvl there, but don't really know tank routine for p4.)

    No achiev, but know the drill. Been to p4 loads of times, got around 100 tries in total. Most with my 25 man guild, and around 30 or so with an unofficial off raid. As long as I don't have to do dreadflames, I'm happy.

    Please PM me if anyone here are interested, as I dont want to post my realid here..
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    The land of ports
    Region / Faction: Us/horde
    Instance: Ulduar/toc/icc heroic 25 but I would like to do heroic t11 too
    Time: Friday-monday 4pm-11pm
    Contact Info: Pm me or whisper me
    Description: Looking to do some old raids, though I would mostly like to do heroic ulduar/toc/icc 25. Would also love to go back and do heroic t11/sinestra stuff even if it's not achievements or anything. I know every fight in the game, I just had to switch mains in firelands so I'd like to get some transmog gear and my titles on my new main back
    Date Posted: 3-29-12

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    date posted 4/1/2012
    US Servers
    Prot Paladin with ret off spec

    Date wanting to do this? W/E
    Instance: Heroic Nef, HM Rag, Glory of the fire lands raider.

    Former main: (thats to kind of show you that I might of at some point had an idea of what to do.

    New main:

    So if anyone is looking to do any of these instances cross realm please hit me up in game under Swipelawl on area 52. I would love to see the fights and complete them.
    Either PM me on these forums or come look for me on Skype under the name Roadzrawr, Twitter name is roadz123, facebook link

    ty in advance for reading this.
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    Done with my Firelands runs. Please remove it.
    Eu alliance
    Firelands 7/7 heroic

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    Region / Faction: US:Turaylon [Horde]
    Instance: ICC 25HM
    Time: 4:30/5 EST April 14th
    Contact Info: In-game mail to Tinfoilhat on Turaylon
    Description: ICC 25HM Shards are only thing on reserve. Send me an in-game mail with your realid/armory.
    Date Posted: April 14th

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    Mar 2011
    Region / Faction: EU-Kazzak (Horde)
    Instance: Looking for BoT (Sinestra) & FLs (Ragy hc) grps .
    Time: Everyday except Wed,Thurs,Sat&Mond
    Contact Info: PM me on mmo
    Description: Fire Mage 401
    Date Posted: April 16th

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