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    Ashran achievements ( EU )


    As you know or may not know, all ashran achievements will be moved to Feats of Strength tab. If there would be enough people from both sides, we would finish 3 the hardest achieves in one night.

    * Divide and Conquer
    * Bounty Hunter
    * Grand Theft, 3rd Degree

    With 40 people on both sides, siting near cemetery and a little coordination we would do it most likely during one, longer session.

    If anyone is intrested to participate in those achievements, just reply in this topic and we will choose date to do it(most likely weekend)

    Thread on and wowhead
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    free mythic guldan kills

    doing 2 mythic guldan kills this sunday 6 st have 2 chars with the skip mount is free roll already have it / morgath is the leads name if you wanna a chance at the mount

    couldnt find a place to put this so sorry if this isnt the best place , but i just like more ppl to get the mount , dont have any stream or something like that going on so this is just some free kills for anyone who wants to come this sunday 6 st . on a first come first serve basis

    MORGATH99#1922 my Btag

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    LFM for M+ Team for BFA

    Hey all,

    A buddy and I are looking to form a competitive M+ group for BFA in hopes of pushing and competing in the Timed Trials for MDI for the next season. We’re looking for three like-minded individuals who want to push competitively and prove that they’re the best. We’ve currently just returned to the game after taking an extended break in Legion and have begun casually doing M+ with each other and random pugs we’ve found and are sitting at around 2500 score in two weeks and our highest key is a 17 in 930-940 ilvl. We strongly believe if we had a group of players on a similar page we could push a 20+ in our current gear as well, but often times it is difficult pugging these keys as the players capable are looking for a higher score than a 2500 for a 20+.

    We currently have a Healer locked in and either a tank or a DPS, leaving open either three DPS, or two DPS and tank player. Ideally what our plan is currently is to form a team and get on beta for some experience (hoping to start pushing on beta Sunday), and come pre-patch begin working on comps as majority of the changes will be live for the first season. Due to the this, an ideal candidate would be someone who is a skilled multiclass player and has at least 3 different classes they can keep competitive in their role, and wouldn’t mind boosting and or leveling something if a particular class becomes buffed and takes over the spot in that role, or simply something flies under our radar as far as strength.

    With all of this being said, we’re looking to take this serious and this will be our main focus in BFA. While I myself will be Mythic raiding as well, (which is highly encouraged) it is mandatory if you’re in this group to at least clear Heroic raids weekly considering the limitation on Azerite pieces.

    Our scheduled push days (which will be 20 hours a week) will be an all-day event on Sundays and Monday nights, both of these which will be for lack of a better term “no life days”. Sundays will be from 10am CST – 1am CST for a 14 hour day, with a 30 minute lunch/dinner break sprinkled in, which everyone will take at the same time. Mondays will be 7pm CST to 1am CST. Other days of the week will be spent either raiding, farming for mats, or potential doing random keys for fun, or possibly selling runs for gold. The only days we as a group will require are the Sundays and Mondays.

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to contact either one of us and we would love to talk to you and play with you to see if you would be a good fit for our group. Our Battletags will be below, and please if you have any questions feel free to let us know! Thanks!


    Looking for:

    Three DPS (Two Melee, One Ranged)

    One Tank and Two DPS (Two Melee)

    Scheduled Push Days and Times:

    Sunday 10am CST – 1am CST (with 30 minute food break)

    Monday 7pm CST – 1am CST

    Contact Battletags:



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    giving away your mail is a pretty huge security risk and I don't want to see players losing their accounts because we rushed the implementation.

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    Hello Alliance,

    I will be hosting weekly raids for N/H Uldir on Tues/Thurs/Mon @ 8PM-11PM (approximately) EST. Our objective is to establish a weekly pug group willing to go into Uldir and make progress. We generally communicate through our community "Kalorens Weekly Raid."

    Needs Priority:

    We'll also be running M+ throughout the week. If you're interested please add my btag Legoria#1810

    Thanks for reading!

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    Ahead of the Curve for EU horde players

    Please keep in mind that this thread is solely for EU-Horde players

    Hi there!

    Every week I will organize an heroic run for players who are interested in stepping up and receive their Ahead of the Curve before the coming of the next tier. I think it would be in everyone's best interest to give players the chance to receive their Ahead of the Curve for themselves. The raid will take place on every Thursday at 20:00-22:00 Server time! If we happen to not reach G'huun we will extend that and finish it the week after. Due to time restrictions I am unable to add another day or extend the time.

    Quick introduction about myself, I am an 8/8M player that has always enjoyed raidleading. I will stream the raids, so your friends are able to watch you conquer and fail!

    Why do you honestly even want to make this?

    Well, like I said, I enjoy raidleading. I have seen some Twitch streamers help people to get their Ahead of the Curve, but they are so very very serious. And bad. In my opinion raiding should be fun, Heroic isn't that unforgiven that you need to put on your most serious gameface on.

    So what is required and mandatory for the raid?

    An itemlevel of atleast 350, this is easily manageble by partaking in WQ content and mythic 0 dungeons.

    The two main addons that I would like you to have

    Exorsus Raidtools:

    Deadly Boss Mode :

    Personally I am no fan of BigWigs, the reason I haven't linked it there.

    We will use Discord as our communication tool. This is the link where you can sign up!

    In Discord there is a text section "what-role" please put in the role you want to perform so I will add some roles later today. Naturally you are more than welcome if you have completed Uldir Heroic with me to help others get theirs!

    People on their alts are also more than welcome to join!

    I will be tanking these runs on my Demon Hunter alt.
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    I could help... if i'm available

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    Such a nice initiative, kudos to you!

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    I would also like to extend that this opens the possibility of getting Ahead of the Curve earlier in the next raidtier! As I will continue onwards with this project! Everyone is most welcome!

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    [EU][A] January 23 - 1 DAY TEAM

    Hello my friends!

    I’m creating a One Day Team for the season 2 release (January 23), this team will only last 1 day. I’m looking for 4 people from the Alliance available during the whole Wednesday from 10:00am to around 18:00pm Server Time. (With of course a breakfast timeout)

    Current team comp :

    - 1 Tank :
    - 1 Healer :
    - 1 mDPS :
    - 1 mDPS : Havoc (Riczard-Silvermoon ; 1k5+ rio score)
    - 1 rDPS : Moonkin (Earithrendil-Ravencrest ; 1k+ rio score)

    The affixes of this week are : Bursting, Quaking with Fortified.

    The objective is not to push the highest key, but rather to make the maximum +5 or 6 that we can do (Since the ilvl loot is capped at 385 the first week of the Season 2) to be as ready as possible for the Battle for Dazar’alor raid! A good way to catch up your guildies if you are around 375 ilvl!

    We are looking for people with around 1k rio score and around 370 ilvl, of course available during the whole Wednesday but it’s not mandatory.

    If you guys have any questions, or if you are interested feel free to contact me on discord “Earithrendil#7887” or on bnet “Earithrendil#1614” !

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    Transmog Runs every week all old raids. Read below!! Violent Skies Ahead hosting.

    April 26, 2019, at 4 am (central time) 3 am (server time) there will be a transmog run for following MOP raids: MV, HoF, TOES, ToT, and SoO. All are soloable so no need to know fights if you want to them I will explain to them as needed. Level 90 is required to enter these raids. Every Tuesday there will be a transmog raid for a different expansion! I will be explaining where to turn in tier tokens after the raid! Join us in our community in WoW Violent Skies Ahead Zuljin US.

    This event will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours and whatever is not completed will be picked up in the same week at a date and time for those in attendance in tomorrow’s raid.
    This event will be posted on the mmo-champion cross-realm forum only this time and in the premade legacy raid finder during the event.

    Here is the current rotation:
    This week MoP Raids ( April 26)
    Next week WoD raids
    3rd week Legion Raids (that can be soloed)
    4th-week Classic Raids
    5th week BC Raids
    6th-week WoTLK
    7th week Cata Raids
    8th week another random order or same order as week 1-7.

    If this becomes popular then two raids on the same week and so on do not worry they will be posted and updated as changes are made!
    If times need to be adjusted so more members can come then times will be updated in our discord #teamvsa or on our community in-game community.
    Roll System: Masterloot always unless it has been changed by Blizzard to be personal loot . If two people need the item they roll and the highest roll gets the item unless one of the members involved in the roll gives the item to other players. Players who have already received the item are not eligible for the item unless they are on an alt /not on the characters in-game appearance tab.
    For transmogrification.
    Twinks are welcome as long as they meet the above requirements.

    1. be respectful of people in attendance that’s for guild members and non-guild members alike.
    2. Ninja loot somehow and you will never attend another run.
    3. If you lose a roll be nice to those who win it. You will get another chance even if we have to run you personally the next week if time allows.
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    Horde Looking for DPS for M+ push group - Horde EU

    Looking for DPS to join our M+ group for push keys in Horde EU.

    We are currently 4 members of the group
    1 Prot Pala
    1 Lock
    1 Resto Druid
    1 Resto Shaman

    (The healers take turns and fill in for each other)

    We have all been playing together for a while and but since the DPS that we usually play with are tied down by raids and real life, we are now looking to fill the last 2 DPS spots, with DPS that would be more available.

    We are looking for DPS of the following classes:

    Balance druid
    Elemental Shaman

    Please send a message to either:

    Myself on battletag Zwaah#2493

    Our tank Nìkkì on battletag Yohansen#21756

    Or our Lock Zoblex on battletag zoblex#2358

    Have a great day!

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    You give no indication of what level keys you're doing.

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    Go there and you will probably have better chances

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    Hi guys!

    A bunch of people from the old OpenRaid team & I (the cross-realm raiding community) really missed how great the old OpenRaid community was. We've set up a new website which is open for testing now. We'd really love to hear some feedback on this.

    It's up at:

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    I'm currently looking for a group of players to farm10-14 keys with on horde. My previous xp includes realm best times, offering 3man boosts, 10yrs of hard mode / mythic raiding xp. Feel free to add me on xtra#2798 I'm willing to join an existing group or start a new.

    LFG to push 15+ m+,
    maybe streaming @

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    This is very informative

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    Can someone invite me to mad merchant layer on US sargeras horde my name is Pjh-sargeras.

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