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    Region / Faction: EU Sylvanas (Horde)
    Instance: LF BoT hc (and Sinestra), BWD hc, FL HC and Hereld of Titans
    Time: Everyday
    Contact Info: PM
    Description: For the BoT, BWD and FL -> Holy priest with experience in all raids, ilvl 390. For Herald of Titans -> Lock, still gearing
    Date Posted: 30-4-2012
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    just wanted to give an update, I am no longer running Heroic T11 weekly.

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    Region / Faction: US-Archimonde / Alliance
    Instance: Heroic BoT
    Time: Cant on Tuesday/Thursday night but pm me to discuss it
    Contact Info: PM or in game mail to Kpregnar or Kpholy. Or PM me on MMO-champ
    Description: 401 Mage Looking for a group for Sinestra, switched to arcane and need SoW
    Date Posted: May 3rd

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    Region / Faction: US-Eredar / Alliance
    Instance: Ulduar 10 (Herald of the Titans)
    Time: TBD
    Contact Info: PM this account or reply to this post
    Description: We have 9 / 10 people for a Herald of the Titans run (you must be level 80 with 226 or lower ilevel gear and kill algalon 10). We need a dps shaman to fill the last spot, shaman wanted for heroism.
    Date Posted: 2012 - May 5

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    Region / Faction:
    :FL 25 norm (H shan)
    7:30 GMT+10
    Contact Info: or Fuds on saurfang.
    Doing norm FL on friday (11/05/12) starting 7:30 (gmt+10)
    Loot will be MS > OS

    embers: Melisandré
    Cinders: Fuds (me)
    Essences: free atm

    Date Posted:
    tuesday 8th may.

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    Region / Faction: EU-Emeriss [Horde]
    Instance: Looking for full 13/13 t11 heroic runs for transmog. can be only a bwd / bot / tot4w (not all 13 at once) but it has to be full run !
    Time: My raiding day is thursday so if you contact me for any other day any other time I will try to be available.
    Contact Info: Mail your Real ID in-game to Benderr / on EU - Emeriss
    Description: 406 ilvl hunter - I have cleared full 10/13 on my old main when it was current content and now I`m gathering the old hunter set for my new main. My hunter has both several full clears + the Glory of the Cataclysm raider so I can safely say you wont go wrong with me :D
    Date Posted: 11/05/2012
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    Region / Faction: Eu-Horde

    Instance: ToT4w(alakir) - Firelands achievements- Dragon soul achievements. (Got full hc achieves for all the instance's)

    Time: i'm available any time, just let me know a day at least eariler.

    Contact Info: give me a pm and i'll give ya real id.

    Description: 400+ ilvl Holy/shadow priest is looking to complete glory's (Fireland/DS/ and HC ala'kir) got all the HC achievements on this & other char's.

    Date Posted: 3rd june
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    Region / Faction: Eu / Horde
    Instance: Firelands HC 10
    Time: 19:30
    Contact Info:
    Description: The plan is to do a full heroic FL clear (including hc rag)
    Date Posted: 10th june.

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    Region / Faction: US-Horde
    Instance: Firelands Heroic (Ragnaros only)
    Time: June 4th, 7 PM EST
    Contact Info: PM me for more info if need be.
    Description: Going to kill Ragnaros. All I ask of you is that you have 6/7 with extensive P4 experience or are a Firelord. Nothing's on reserve or will be on reserve. If you're interested in joining, please sign up through This is intended for a kill, not "practice". Ilevel 397+, bring your own food and flasks.

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    Region / Faction: US - Alliance
    Instance: BoT
    Time: Anytime
    Contact Info: AficionadoStormrage at gmail dot com - This is NOT my RealID e-mail, mods, there is no need to delete it.
    Description: Looking for a Sinestra kill *I know the fight* the attending character can be seen in my sig - Aficionado on Stormrage
    Date Posted: June 5th

    --- As of June 7th I can provide an ID/lockout with just Sinestra left
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    Ever wanted one of the most awesome mounts ever but never had the chance to it because you couldn't get a party? Well then i have the solution for you!
    Friday 8th of june at 7 PM server time i am hosting an ICC 25 achiev run. WITH whiping on hopefuly never failing achievs. For the transmogers or shadowmourners. Shards and gear are NOT reserved.

    how to join? simply leave a message here with your real_id, OR send me a PM on mmo. You can also send me an in-game message. Add "elitica" on outland-EU.

    Sadly, this raid is only for horde =)

    Have fun and hoping to hear from you fast! ;D

    PS: It is Xrealm

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    Region / Faction: US - Alliance
    Instance: Ulduar 10 Herald of the Titans
    Time: 8:00 CST on friday i will see how many we have
    Contact Info: UPDATED
    Description: check the openraid post
    Date Posted: June 12 12
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    Hey I'm looking for a Herald of the Titans run.

    Horde - EU

    /who xtra on Khadgar to find me, or PM me. Thanks

    Coming back for Shadowlands, lfg m+,
    maybe streaming @

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    Region / Faction:EU-Alliance
    Instance:Ulduar 25
    Contact Info:Real or PM me
    Description:Mimiron's head mount run,will do all HMs aswell.Fragments reserved-vent is needed.(gonna be a regular weekly run)
    Date Posted:16/7/2012

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    Region / Faction: Europe - Alliance
    Instance: BoT Heroic.
    Time: 20:00 Sunday, Server Time. Will be done weekly.
    Contact Info: PM me or sign up at Whispering Duckgirl on Silvermoon works aswell.
    Description: Will be doing it weekly until "I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am" is achieved.
    Date Posted: July 24th

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    Region / Faction: US - Horde
    Instance: BoT Heroic + Sinestra Immortal
    Time: 8/16/12 - 7 CST/8 EST/ 5PST
    Contact Info: PM me or sign up at
    Description: Pro group who is only needing a tank and healer. Please have multiple Sinestra kills.
    Date Posted: 8/16/12
    My Armory
    *The Afflicted*
    **US-Greymane, 25 man 5/16 HM, US top 100**
    ***Recruiting core spots for almost every class for MoP***

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    Not sure if I should post this here or not considering that I don't see that the front page is getting updated, but here we go:

    Region / Faction: Cross-Server/Deathwing-US [Horde]
    Instance: Ulduar 10 - Herald of the Titans
    Time: 6PM PST/9PM EST - (will update the date after I have something that looks like a roster)
    Contact: PM me here with RealID info.
    Description: Algalon 10-man, at level 80, with no gear higher than ilvl 226 equipped. Ideally, this will die very quickly, and won't need to be a weekly thing. Just a case of finding the people.
    Date Posted: 8/30/2012
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    25 DKs vs Dragon Soul Heroic

    Region / Faction: Cross-Server/EU [Horde]
    Instance: Dragon Soul 25 HC
    Time: 12. Sep. 2012 19:00 PST
    Contact: read this thread for requirements, tactics, and stuff and sign in as mentioned there
    Description: DK only raid
    Date Posted: 01. Sep. 2012

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    alliance Herald of the Titans run tonight at 7 eastern time here is the link to open raid to sign up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magicman2164 View Post
    alliance Herald of the Titans run tonight at 7 eastern time here is the link to open raid to sign up
    Any way I could join without signing up for open raid? 80 fury warrior.
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