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    Any raid on right now?

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    ya teebo just send me a PM with your real id

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-11 at 06:42 AM ----------

    Herald of the Titans run
    7:30 eastern time
    alliance U.S
    sign up there or send me a PM with the link to your level 80

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    Yea its a bit hard to search through this one. I posted in general which worked the first time, but got cut the second for advertising. A simple re-direct here would have sufficed.

    I thought about reposting in this thread but it seems a bit pointless as its a one time raid and having two posts in two different places seems a bit much. My all druid DS is still showing in the raid forum, I don't seem able to delete it and the thread is now closed so I can't refer viewers to a new location anyways.

    I think its a good idea to have multiple websites for finding like minded players to do things with. I know Bloodhoof has been pretty stagnant for a while and a lot of my peers in game have either quit or faction transferred which definitely thins out the available player pool for activities.

    Hopefully they get openraid running a bit smoother, its been down a lot lately. I would say its quite secure and if someone is worried about security there are ways to get around adding people to RID for cross realm. I've invited level 1's to group, they then invite their friends, log over and get an invite from them. Helps keep my RID list from overflowing as well.

    In any case if anyone is interested in the all druid DS they'll just have to search openraid or the blizz forums. Its posted in both places.

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    I have a 219 Blood DK all enchanted and reforged up for Herald of the Titans. The toon name is Calliathe on the server Moon Guard. You can also reach me via my current main, Lockeheart. Thank you and I hope to hear back from someone soon!

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    If you can xrealm MoP 5 man heroics - anyone interested in forming or joining a semihardcore US Alliance 5 man heroic LFD spam group? Once I hit 90 and get 440 ilvl I want to hit heroics hard. Preferably with a balanced group comp for loot, where nobody is competing for the same drops- even for OS gear.

    87.68 Fury warr who's willing to lead here- send me a PM if interested. Once I hit 90, preferably Friday after 4 PM CST or Sat 7PM CST. Will need to read basic tactics first for some fights.
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    What parts of personal life were dropped to achieve this "world first"? What sleep patterns were used/abused? Did the raiders eat and drink properly during said "progress"? ... These are important questions that should be addressed before we even start "admiring" that world first.
    Many Multitudes Online Constantly Harping About Minor Problems

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    I am looking for people to do the "cleaning up" achievement tomorrow evening on EU alliance. Reply here or send me a PM if you are interested.
    I am an ilvl 359 geared monk tank. Need 3 dps and 1 healer. Ilvl 355+ is required, also have to use a swiftness potion and flask/food etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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    US horde herald of the titans run happening right now, need 1 healer and 1 tank pm on mmo with battletag

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    We are looking for a hunter and healer to fill out our current Challenge mode team, Come prepared with flasks invis/burst pots and food. We don't have a preference on class for our healer just as long as you know your stuff and are ready to shoot for those gold medals.

    Run times will be around 8pm -12am PST as a rough guess starting as soon as we have the people, days and exact times will be worked out once we have our team together.

    pm me for more info or to show interest.

    US alliance

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    If anyone is doing the Herald ach on the EU side, add me on battle tag: XceptOne#2208

    XBL/PSN/Steam XceptOneAlpha

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    LFG gold challenge modes EU Alliance

    NOT Avaiable @ wed - thu - mo 19:30 - 24:00

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    post deleted.
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    475 holy paladin,

    Looking for group for preferrably Gold challenge modes

    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: Challenge modes
    Time: to be discussed?
    Contact Info: PM
    Date Posted: 20-10-2012

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    466 Protection paladin / 474 Holy paladin / 464 Ret Paladin (for any situation that may require 4dps)
    I prefer to heal / tank as my main role
    (all minimum 463 in all slots fully gemmed and enchanted)

    LF Challenge mode Gold only. Currently raiding with my friends who arent interested in challenge modes but i am. Prepared to wipe and do as long as it takes as long as we move forward.

    You can expect me to research all challenge modes have invis pots consumables flasks when we do the runs and i expect the same from the rest

    Will be able to make most days and times add me for a chat


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    472 BM hunter looking for challenge modes, flasks, food, invis pots, no issues with wiping, watched most of golden challenge strats, waste previous top end experience.
    Region: EU
    Time: Any apart from Tue/Thur 20-23
    Contact: Exiztence#2771
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    Setting up a US Horde Herald of the Titans group for sometime next week. The exact day and time is not yet finalized but will be sometime during the afternoon/evening PST. Need healers and DPS. PM me on here if you're interested. Will also be using mains to blow through HM Ulduar 10 one more time this week if you need another piece of gear or two, but I'm not going to really schedule that or plan it. It'll just be when a couple of my guildmates are on and have time.

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    481 Resto Shaman from a US#16 25 man guild looking for a challenge mode (gold) group! I have flasks, pots, and food.

    Region/Faction: US Alliance
    Time: I am available any time.
    Contact Info: Mint#1166

    Please add my battle-tag if you're interested in trying some challenge modes, thanks!

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    Blood DK ilvl 476 Looking for a gold challenge group. Have experience in all dungeons with my previous group before they lost interest.

    Region/Faction: US Alliance
    Time: Mon, Tues, Wed after 3am EST. Sunday after 11pm EST. Pretty flexible other than that.
    Contact Info: Kiwi#1578

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    475 Holy Paladin Looking for gold challenge group. For some reason my guild has no interest I am ex top10 US hpaly and I currently hold a couple top 100 parses. Will bring my require consumables.

    Region/Faction: US Horde
    Time: Anytime after 5 on the weekdays(aside from raid days) and most of the time on the weekends.
    Contact Info: Happylol#1310
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    Resto Druid LF Challenge Modes

    Looking for four players to create a solid Challenge Mode team. Note: if you're an already-formed team looking for a healer as your last spot, I would also be interested.

    As far as creating a team goes, I would like to get people in order to snag my realm's Realm First: Gold achievements. In effect, I would like players who are willing to push for all golds as fast as possible. My schedule is fairly tight raiding four nights a week, but the times would look something like this:

    • Sunday - 12pm - 5pm
    • Monday - 10:30pm - 12:30am
    • Tuesday - 10:30pm - 12:30am
    • Wednesday - 10:30pm - 12:30am
    • Thursday - 5pm - 12:30am
    • Friday - 3pm onwards
    • Saturday - All day

    *All time zones are in CST and are subject to change based on the group.

    The team would consist of the following:


    Me (Resto Druid)

    Dps would consist of any classes. However, I will not take more than two of a single class including tanks. I.e. two dps Warriors and a Prot Warrior is a no-no.

    If you're interested, please format your response in the following in order to provide me with the easiest way to review your information:

    Time (how does your schedule match up with mine?):
    You're more than welcome to add more, but please include at least this in the beginning of your posts.

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    {H} - 491 ilevel Warlock - Currently 6/6 heroic MSV and 3/9 Gold challenge modes - I am looking for a consistent group to work on finishing all the challenge modes with gold medals, please PM me or add me on battle tag to talk.

    Region/Faction: US Horde
    Time: Times will vary based on progression raiding ( will be very open about when I am and am not available. )
    Contact Info: pixuL#1649

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