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    On Friday I'm organizing a huge level 1 gnome raid on Stormrage at 7pm EST! We need all the gnomes we can get! We'll be doing loads of fun things, such as jumping off buildings, falling to our deaths in protest to the failed Gnomeregan attempt and eventually the raid will end with leaving a gnome carpet in Orgrimmar! More information is on my youtube channel (Tankingmage)

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    Hiding in your computer.
    Region / Faction: EU Alliance
    Instance: Icc ( LK hc 25m only!
    Time: Available nearly ALL days , just add my battle tag and when ever i make a run i spam my real ID! Untill i got the mount.
    Contact Info:
    Description: I run an only LK 25m hc run for 76 kills now in total . ( different chars!) Untill i have invic reins. The kill itself takes always 10 min MAX! You get the neck deep vile achievment and hopefully a nice price!
    Rules: The lootrules are simple , Invic reins is reserved NOTHING else! BUT! I RR 150k! If you are from a different realm, you make a lvl1 char on Sylvanas EU and i give you the gold there. When it dropps i say out the 1-22 people in my recount activity done this fight so you can see your number. Then roll out 1-22 and then if your number comes up you won 150k! The rest is not reserved!
    Date Posted: Feb1Rontheking#2541

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    Region / Faction: US OCEANIC Horde
    Instance: Gold Challenge Modes
    Time: To be determined as a group most likely a good long, hard session once every weekend, so a friday or saturday night starting at around 8:30
    Contact Info: My battletag is cyclops#1315
    Description: We are looking for a RESTO DRUID or DISC PRIEST or HOLY PALLY

    Our group has completed two golds but have lost our 5th member, we will rerun the two we have done for you if you need them.

    We will require the following from you:

    *Excellent class knowledge and experience

    *Vent or Mumble, a mic and you MUST use it

    *Flasks, pots, 300 food - this includes invis pots as we cannot trade cross realm

    *The patience to wipe over and over, and we will reset the encounter as soon as we realise we messed something up

    *A lot of time per session

    *Have fun ^_^

    The way we do it is to run the one dungeon over and over until we have the gold of it, we will not get all silvers and come back.

    Looking for our fifth ASAP so we don't lose momentum.
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    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM
    Time: Most nights, I have no specific days, where I can't.
    Contact Info: Lasse#2572


    I am a long time WoW play. I've been playing since Vanilla with different charactors. I've done several hardmode raids, when they were relevant to the time. 25 years of age.

    Date Posted: Feb 15th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM (All)
    Time: As long as it ain't Wednesday/Thursday 1900-2300
    Contact Info: Pm me with some general info and we can talk
    Description: Playing DPS dk 509ilvl - 16/16HC
    Date Posted: 16 Feb
    Still, pm.

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
    MY DK - "Stand in the fire, DPS higher!"

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    Hi there I am looking to start a challenge mode group. Unfortunately I am having a hard time find players on my server. I have a few silver medals but I want to push for gold. So I figured I would post here and see if anyone wants to do some. I am on US server Blackrock.

    I am thinking the group can get together on Saturdays/Sundays anywhere from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. As the group forms together I will figure out the best time for the group to meet.

    Would really like Death knight a but other then that I don't mind the comp. I am a protection warrior and I have a resto druid with me.

    I have been using this guide so far and it seems to be alright:

    Send me an in-game mail or just whisper me I am usually online.Name is Sarthan Horde Blackrock-US would give out my battletag but I don't want spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lassenc View Post
    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Instance: CM
    Time: Most nights, I have no specific days, where I can't.
    Contact Info: Lasse#2572


    I am a long time WoW play. I've been playing since Vanilla with different charactors. I've done several hardmode raids, when they were relevant to the time. 25 years of age.

    Date Posted: Feb 15th.
    Still looking

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    I noticed a lot of people looking for challenge modes and older content. while there is nothing wrong with that and i like some of the old raids myself ;p I was wondering if there is anyone on horde/alliance doing current MOP raids? I might have missed it

    Made by Visenna, TY<3

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    Region / Faction: EU Horde
    Achievement: Herald Of The Titans
    Time: Saturday 02/03 14:00 CET
    Contact Info: Changeform#2378
    Description: We are looking for level 80 players to do the Herald Of The Titans achievement in Ulduar. The conditions are as follows : you must be level 80, have EVERY piece of gear UNDER 226ilvl except for the weapons which have to be UNDER 232ilvl.

    If you have any question, feel free to ask me !

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    WIll there be some of 5.0? soon?

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    Region / Faction:US Horde
    Raid: TOES 25 MAN
    Time: Saturday March 9, 9pm 21:00 EST
    Contact Info: Salvations#1472
    Description: Every Saturday at 9pm Eastern Time I'll host a 25 man Terrace Run. This is a Casual Run but expect a fast and full clear. For the agility wearers out there I do have Taoren, the Soul Burner and and Terror in the Mist reserved for my hunter in my primary Raid group. Everything else is free rolls (I'll be master looter). I do expect everyone to bring their own flasks, pre pots, and perform competitively compared to equally geared toons. Even though the atmosphere will be casual I feel the need to state that I reserve the right to protect the group integrity by booting under performers. Anyone providing feasts is appreciated. Looking forward to the raid!

    Sign up

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    bobconey#1274, add for Oondasta

    Up right now on Crushridge

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    Region / Faction: US Alliance
    Raid: MSV/Hof
    Time: Fri/Sat, 7-11PM PST. (March 15/16)
    Contact Info: Guardian#1296
    Description: Friday we will run MSV, and on Saturday HoF. Pretty casual run, but want a quick and painless clear. Be prepared with flasks, potions, food, etc. MUST have Ventrilo and working mic/headset. Loot is MS>OS but please be considerate for people who need upgrades. I will be Master Looter.

    Sign up;

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    Region / Faction: US Alliance
    Instance: CM Golds
    Time: Anytime during the week of March 18
    Contact Info: SiNSeaR#1831
    Description: Holy Paladin ( Ret OS ) with 3/12 ToT, 16/16 T14 experience LF Challenge Mode gold times group. I have Food/Flasks/Pots Looking to get this done this week. Skype/Mumble/Vent/Raidcall/TS3 + Mic.

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    Region/Faction: US Horde
    Instance: A Change of Command (legendary questline)
    Time: On right now, or any time this week
    Contact info: Kit#1763
    Description: 505 disc priest looking to get this really quick quest done.

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    Region / Faction: US Alliance
    Instance: A Change of Command (legendary quest)
    Time: Monday Evening.
    Contact Info: SaburoDaiman#1716 I will be on Kireiokami
    Description: I am needing to get my Combat Rogue Kireiokami to get this done. I need a Tank, Heals and DPS.

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    Region / Faction:East Coast/Horde
    Instance:Gold CM group
    Time:Weekends; 1:00pm-11:30pm. Weekdays; 4:30-10:00pm
    Contact Info:Hrrom#1862
    Description:504HPala. Not very experienced in challenge modes. I will come as prepared as possible, i.e watching videos, reading strategies. Have Mic, Mumble, vent, consumables, etc.

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    Region / Faction: US // Horde
    Instance: Heart of Fear normal 10-man Achievements
    Time: 3/30/2013 3:30 PM CST
    Contact Info:
    Description: We'll be doing all HoF achievements. Please have experience with all bosses and mumble installed. Sign up using the openraid link above.

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    I'm not sure if this goes here, but I'd like a group for the group quest "A Change of Command". Hard to find a group even with spamming trade and begging guildies.

    PM me if you'd like to join. I'm online most days throughout the week.

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    Edit: Sorry, a bit tired and I thought you created a new thread, hence the lackluster reply.
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