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    Herald of the titans (A) 05/10 EU


    Planning to do a Herald of The Titans run today at 14.00.
    We need a tank, healers and some DPS.
    Cross-realm available.
    You need a level 80 Alliance charcter with proper gear, enchant, gems and consumables.

    Reply to this thread if your interested or in-game: Jockepocke#2271


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    Level 80 DK tank full geared and enchanted around 219 Ilevel, did algalon at the time 2010 got the 'Starcaller and 'The Astral Walker' Looking for a group
    Real ID: JPDeslre#2244

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    LFG Challenge Modes

    Hello thur!

    I'd really like to get a group for Challenge Modes. However, finding people interested seems to be an issue. I've not done any of them yet, but I've watched all the videos and read all the strats. I'm an experienced raider (though not in MoP) and I've been an active player since Vanilla.

    I play a shadowpriest: (http://)

    Add my battle tag or PM me here.
    battletag: Kainth#1547

    can pretty much do any evenings/weekends for as long as it takes to get golds down in all of them.

    Also, I wasn't sure which forum to put this post in, and if this is wrong I am sorry. :/

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    Looking to form a group for Challenge Mode Dungeons.

    Currently on Horde Illidan-US as a Troll Warlock, looking for more to put together a solid group for Challenge Modes, need everything at the moment.
    I am really dedicated to getting the Challenge Mode gear and as long as the people that I group with are too there shouldn't be any problems,I did however get back from somewhat of a break, before I left I was raiding 5/16H which I know is nothing new or good but I don't consider myself to be bad or in need of carrying.

    So I hope I can find some like-minded individuals who also wish to collect all the shiny spoils from 9/9 Gold challenge modes.

    You can contact me ingame Bnet is Zuthuspuffs#1338

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    Region / Faction: US / Horde
    Instance: ToT 25 LFR
    Contact Info:
    Date Posted: Jun 14, 2013

    NOTE: This is paladin only invitational!

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    Region / Faction: US / Alliance (cross-server eligible)
    Instance: Challenge Mode 5-man Heroics
    Time: Every Sunday - Time yet to be established
    Contact Info: PM me here, Send me a message in-game on Aerie-Peak (Batix), or Real ID: Batix#1442.
    You can also locate and sign up for the group on OpenRaid:
    Creating a fresh group for challenge modes. Shooting for at least Silvers at first, and we will push to Gold.

    Looking for well-seasoned players, no previous CM experience is required, but I will be looking at raiding history, etc. to get a feel for your situational awareness and level of player skill.

    I will be forming these until I make 9/9 gold, and I will continue to do so afterwards in order to help others achieve the same. Looking for longevity here, so anyone willing to stick it out is preferred. Would like to have the same group each time if possible.

    Please be familiar with the general concept of challenge modes, the individual strategies of each instance (watch VIDEOS), and BRING CONSUMABLES. BE FULLY PREPARED.

    Players with poor play, dying excessively, AFK, no consumables, or otherwise wasting the party's time will be replaced and will not be re-invited, so if that sounds like it might be you - please refrain from sending me any messages trying to sign up. Thank you.

    Date Posted
    : Jun 26, 2013
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    Mechagnome Bombino's Avatar
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    United States
    Horde US
    I'm looking for a full-clear Heroic ToES, and/or Heroic Will of the Emperor and Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer.
    11/16 Heroic XP in T14 content with 200+ attempts on empress hc.

    536 shadow priest, 9/9 gold cm on three toons, armory in link.
    Btag - Bombinomyrm#1424
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    Alliance EU
    I'm looking for a group that wants to do all the Challenge Modes on Gold. I'm a Ret pallie with no CM expierence however I've watched videos of world best timers etc - I'm almost fully supplied to do them and I'm willing to sacrifice the time needed to acomplish 9/9 Gold

    My BattleTag is : Karol#2559 - /w me ingame or PM here if you are interested or want to know more ;D

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    I am looking for a way to CRZ myself so I can do some rare farming/gathering/warbringer/etc during off peak hours.

    If your server is listed 100+ then I would be very interested. What I can offer you is help with things that may come up. Free runs in lowbie dungeons for alts, and anything else that we can think up together.

    Please PM me if interested.
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    Region / Faction: US / Alliance
    Instance: Challenge modes (going for gold)
    Time: Fridays around 12PM
    Contact Info: PM me here (mmoelf)
    Description: Looking for a healer for CM's. have dk tank, rogue, and mage
    Date Posted: 7/22/13

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    Region/Faction: US/Horde
    Instance: Upcoming Flex Raids
    Time: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri past 6pm EST and any time on the weekend.
    Description: Hpally LF filler spots for future flex raiding. Have in-depth experience on all (non-MoP) tiers. Due to school/work haven't raided since launch of MSV (downed Heroic Guards first week they opened).
    Date Posted: 7/29/13.

    Pretty much looking for people that might need a healer for flex raiding, most of my friends have quit and I don't have a steady schedule between work and school to dedicate towards raiding. PM me!
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    LFG for challenge modes. I play on Horde Us Kil'jaeden. I am an experienced Hard Mode raider since Ulduar. I play Brm/Ww Monk.

    Also if any one need a tank/dps for 5.4 and on, I have a completely open schedule for raiding.
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    7/9 Boomkin 9/9 exp. LF Gold CM: Scholomance or Stormstout Brewery. Have consumables, and willing to help with others.
    Feel free to add me.

    If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.

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    Horde US

    Need a tank tonight for our SH CM run from 9pm-12am est. Please add me if interested! Dashofpepper#1643

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    Hello friends,

    Two other players and I are looking for form a new Herald of the Titans run. We would like to start filling out the rest of the roster spots and get this thing rolling pretty soon.

    Target Date: Sept. 4

    Target Time: 10:00 EST

    Faction: Horde

    Region: US

    To be eligible for a spot in this run, we are asking that your character show good intentions and effort. Naturally, not everyone is going to have BiS 226 gear and 232 weapons, but we are also not going to accept individuals with all greens and blues. Additionally, we have taken the time and effort to gem, enchant, and reforge our gear, so any of those extras are also appreciated.

    To sign up, make a post or a PM with your battletag, a link to your character, and which roles you are willing to play in the raid. I will update our current needs as we fill out spots.

    Currently Need

    1-2 tanks

    2 healers

    5-6 DPS

    (Differences in requirements can be attributed to dual spec.)

    Thanks guys!

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    Herald of the Titans Cyrops's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    US Eonar

    US Alliance

    I am playing in US servers, Alliance side. I am generally looking for people to do group/raid (old for achievements or new for gear). I have difficulty doing so due to my odd play time.

    Region / Faction: US/Alliance
    Instance: Anything really
    Time: I usually play every day from 7am to 1pm PST
    Contact Info: Cyrops#1853 or PM here.
    Description: Looking for people with similar play time.
    Date Posted: 2013.09.04
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    Region / Faction: US/Alliance
    Instance: Monkey Runs
    Time: 7pm-? EST
    Contact Info: craig#1181 or [email protected] or on her
    Description: Looking for people to do monkey runs over the next day or so to finish up hitting 90 (i'm an 86 priest)
    Date Posted: 9/10/13

    This is effective until deleted, every night leading up to 7 pm I'll be putting together groups, so if you see this I'm looking for you. Get in contact with me!!

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    Region / Faction: US/Horde
    Instance: Ulduar
    Time: 7-8 PM PST
    Contact Info: PM me here
    Description: Trying to obtain an armor set and mount, looking to complete meta achievement.
    Date Posted: 9/10/13

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    US Alliance player that just came back to the game after a long break. Looking for anyone interested in doing raid/dungeon achievements, challenge modes, older raids for gear, etc. Completed all heroic raids through the end of Cataclysm but my guild left while I was away and I am stuck on a dead server unable to get anything done. PM me for battletag.

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    ON, CA
    Not 100% sure if this is the best or right place, but yeah. I'm looking for a permanent flex group for my Windwalker and would prefer a casual setting.

    There's my armory and yes I can heal, though I'd prefer not to, PM me on the forums if you'd like my BattleTag.

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