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    Fixed! Thanks for noticing

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    For all European Horde players:

    I am organizing Gold Challenge Mode runs for people who desperately want the transmogrification armor, but simply lack the people on their server. My goal is to bring this very challenging content to as much people as possible.

    All you need to do is sign up for one of the FDWH Gold Challenge Modes on Openraid. Due to the high demand, I can't promise to take you all, but since I'm doing about 5 runs/week it shouldn't be hard to plan you in.

    While experience is always nice, it's not a requirement for me to join. Last week I had zero experience on Challenge Modes, but after a week of trying I finally managed to get my amazing transmogrification gear.

    Just read up on tactics (this guy has very good video's) and come prepared. Also, don't forget to bring Invisibility Potions. They are mandatory for most Challenge Modes.

    Join FDWH Gold Challenge Mode on OpenRaid and get your awesome transmogrification set. These events are for everyone, ranging from hardcore veterans to skilled casual players. No experience is required, only knowledge of tactics. Make sure to put MMO-Champion in your note!

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    [A] 550 RetPally and 541 RestoSham LF [N]Raid - RSham - Me (RPal)

    We're a quiet couple looking for a quality team that could use us on the roster for Normal raids, even alt runs. Just want to take down Garrosh before the end of the xpac and get us some wolves, and have fun doing it. We're not really looking for a new guild at the moment, but if we're impressed the option isn't off the table.

    Can provide our own food, pots, flasks etc and are quality players with raiding experience (including most pre-MOP heroics) spanning back to TBC. Feel free to send me a message in-game via mail or by BattleTag, Farabee#1512.
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    Instance: Ulduar (10)
    Time: Every saturday, 20:00 till 23:00
    Contact Info: or Gamidroon on Emerald Dream
    Description: I've always loved Ulduar and still think it's one of the best raids in WoW. Therefore, I want to experience it again as a lvl 80 raiding team. We can start on 10 man, and if there's enough interest, 25 man. We can also progress into ICC if people are up for it. More info in the openraid post.
    Date Posted: April 12

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    LF horde gold cm group.

    I have done them twice before (once at the start of xpac when they were considerably harder).

    add Volitar#1137.

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    LF Alliance regular SoO clear. Can go on 552 Ret Pally or a 541 Resto Druid.
    Know all the fights, only have 7/14 personal experience with regular though.

    Would like to get a full clear soon.


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    LFM to do horde SoO flex 3-4 tonight at 9pm est on here's the link

    We need healers at least two and one with a dps off spec.

    We are also recruiting for our guild (H)(Dark Ascent) and our normal SoO 10man group. If you like running with us, and would like to join, please contact Briis (the Co-GM) or Laea (the GM) for more information or an invite. We always welcome new members .

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    Challenge Modes! Need to get them done!

    With it being taken out before WoD want to get it done ASAP so i can start getting them done on other toons. Want a 9/9 Group. only have SPM and SH halls done on gold right. Done to do them all. Just want to get my gear and finish. Am on a low pop server and no one around to do them with and cant open raid. Cause people req you do be like 9/9 on other toons first. So yea Btag me: Aukake#1333 Rogue w/ gear, flask, food, pots,

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    Quote Originally Posted by xZora View Post
    LF Alliance regular SoO clear. Can go on 552 Ret Pally or a 541 Resto Druid.
    Know all the fights, only have 7/14 personal experience with regular though.

    Would like to get a full clear soon.

    I'm 11/14 experience now.

    Still looking for a Garrosh kill.

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    Horde 561 fury warr, 10/14 exp but only available tuesday 1p-11p PST. Caikems#1383

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    This raid is for Normal 10m SoO it will be mostly a guild run just looking for an off tank, 1 healer and 1 dps. We are full on Paladin's, Priest's and hunter's. Go to to find the group look under briis or go to this link for the raid

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    LF some [H] regulars to run with my casual guild weekly.

    We raid every Wednesday and Sunday at 6PM PST to 830PM PST. Mainly looking for RDPS (Warlock/Mage/Shaman preferred) and any class that can fill 2 roles (healer/DPS, healer/tank, tank/DPS, tank/heal). Feel free to sign-up on the openraid thread or PM me! Thanks!

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    We can post LF a group here right?

    I'm LF 2 types of groups. A CM Silver group. Windwalker Monk. Armory: I know all the heroic dungeons and studied them on CM. I have invis pots and stuff like that. I'm very experienced with my class. I only care about getting Silver done for the mounts. But if someone running gold wants a player experienced with his class then I'll go for that as well. I'm an experience HM raider so I know how to follow directions.

    Also LF a Normal SoO group for my ele shaman. 532 Ilvl. I am 7/14 HM on my main, so my experience easily makes up for the lack of gear, 550 ilvl doesn't mean anything fi the person dies. lol. Flex groups for this character would be nice as well.
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    Challenge modes - No experience required! Striving for gold tho.:

    Friday 9th of May - around 9PM GMT+1:


    We are the guys looking to do the challenge modes before the will be unobtainable!
    We're looking for people with a friendly attitude.
    We require you to be able to listen and talk on skype
    Brings the needed consumables.
    That means food, flasks, pre-pots and invisibility potions
    We also expect you to watch some guide for gold tactics on youtube.
    We're currently indeed of a tank and a dps with heroism
    Our setup so far is, windwalker monk, survival hunter and discipline priest

    6th of May

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    My name is Cosmonaut, I'm a Horde-based, Elemental Shaman, current ilvl 538, here is my armoury:

    I am looking to kill Garrosh on Normal difficulty before 6.0 to gain my 'Ahead of the Curve' achievement. I would love to be taken on by anyone to do this; I do not expect / want to be carried. I know the bosses, I have the flex experience, and I realise the difference between flex and normal is mainly numbers, the mechanics are the same.

    I am struggling to get a kill on Garrosh, and time is slowly running out. Oqueue groups have absurd ilvl requirements of 550+ or 560+, something that is impossible to achieve when I cannot join a raiding guild and regularly participate in normal raids due to university. I realise my ilvl isn't amazing, however, I personally feel its adequate to go kill Garrosh, as I can sustain appropriate DPS for this ilvl. I know the tactics, and I have played the game for 10 years (since release) as a Shaman, raiding all tiers from Vanilla through to Wrath. Most importantly, I can listen to tactics and strategies for quick and clean boss kills.

    As a recently resubbed character, gearing up to reach the absurd requirements is next to impossible. Raiding flex via oqueue is difficult enough, and RNG is yet to bless me with a new weapon since being resubbed for 7 weeks.

    So, if you require some DPS one day for Garrosh, or just want to bring me along to fill in for someone, or want to be super kind and bring me along so I can get the achievement, that would be brilliant! Contact me here or add me in game on:


    I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you!
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    Region / Faction: US / Horde
    Instance: Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
    Time: 5/22/14 9pm-12am EST
    Contact Info: BTAG: Comp#1844
    Description: Heroic Siege Progression (Guild Run): Noru-Gala (maybe more)

    -Need two strong non-hunter RDPS
    -565+ preferably, although the ability to play well is paramount

    -You will be expected to pull DPS befitting your ilvl and follow raid mechanics as directed. Failure to do so will result in prompt replacement.

    -Vent required, both to listen and speak

    -We are also recruiting, so if you're looking for a guild and would like to use this opportunity to try us out, and vice versa, feel free

    Date Posted: 5/22/14

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    Weekly 14/14 Heroic SoO 10 man - EU Horde

    Hello everyone.

    <The Art of Losing> a danish guild on Kazzak EU Horde, have been doing SoO Pugs the last two weeks.

    The first week we did a 10 man run and defeated 13 heroicmodes.
    the second week, we ran 25 man and defeated 11 bosses.

    Our plans for the 3rd week, will be to do 10 man once again, and focus on Garrosh.

    When is the run?
    Every single run will be hosted at Fridays starting at 19:45 and ending on 24:00 Realm Time.
    IF everyone's up for it, we'll continue the run at Monday 23:00 - 01:00

    How do i sign up?
    Visit to sign up.

    What is expected from me?
    You are expected to have cleared 14/14 heroic on atleast one char, with multiple kills.
    You're expected to have atleast downed siegecrafter with the char you're joining, unless it's the same class as your main.
    You are expected to push atleast 350k dps(if a dps) on mostly every fight.

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    Hunter looking for Herald run. Gearing up today, so sometime this week or next preferred.

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    Region: US / Horde
    Instance: Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
    Time: Tonight 6/6/2014 5PST - 10PST
    BattleTag: play87#1234 / r.levsey AT
    Description: Fresh Heroic Siege Clear to 11/14 then skipping over siegecrafter (belt comp issues) and doing Paragons progression.
    Guild run with Dare on Kil'Jaeden. Mumble required. Almost entire raid is ~580. Please be geared (570+) and have experience.

    We're looking for a Healer or DPS.

    Contact me on btag if interested.
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    This project is US and we will accept pretty much anyone as long as you can understand basic raiding concepts, don't be bad, finish gearing, etc. To join simply level a character to 50 and begin gearing him there is a link at the bottom of this post which you should take a look at. If you still want additional info on everything you may also add my battletag kylerlemieux#1525. So to begin the real. This post is to promote project fifty which is a cross realm raiding group which has the end goal of defeating all the classic raids of Wow that are still available. This is the perfect time to restart the group as there is a major downtime spike until Warlords of Draenor releases, meaning people will have downtime during there normal play times but may still wish to play making this the perfect opportunity to restart the raiding group. The current raids still available are Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ10 and AQ40, unfortunately the rest of the raids from vanilla have been removed. Currently we are recruiting everything and all classes(Caster dps is not super viable as they need an atrocious amount of hit to do any sort of damage). For anyone who doubts that ability to enter these raids, or the possibility to do them you may check my achievements I have completed both molten core and AQ10 on this character. I personally believe one of the best things about this raiding style is that it has never been done before meaning we're learning new things quite a bit and have to attempt boss fights in an alternative manner. One of the boss fights Moam in AQ10/20 needs to be mana burnThied to avoid his semi raid wipe ability however we no longer have mana burn in the game nor was it available to level 50s when it was meaning we had to come up with a different tactic to kill him.

    FIFTY is a raiding project with all level 50 characters aiming to run Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj at the lowest level possible, in classic raiding fashion. This is a cross-realm effort and it needs YOU. Everything will be documented and recorded. Direct all questions, inquiries, and anyone interested to THIS thread.

    Here are the details and what you need to know to join us.

    Preferred Race is Gnome for Sonic Booster and Noise Machine. If you are choosing to roll a Warrior, Priest, Warlock, Monk, or Rogue, please be a Gnome.

    If you have ANY question or comment regarding this project, feel free to leave a post in this thread.

    - Physical DPS requires 17% hit. Stack your best stat. Ignore HP.
    - Caster DPS are pretty much not viable Ele shamans, spriest, and boomkin can get near the required hit (around 60%) to actually do ok dps.
    - Tanks require at least 8600 HP unbuffed. 10,000 HP+ buffed preferred.

    Class Priority:
    Tanks - Warrior > Druid ≥ Monk > Paladi
    Healers - Priest = Paladin = Shaman = Druid = Monk
    DPS - Warrior ≥ Feral Druid ≥ Hunter = Rogue > Monk > Ele/Enh Shaman > Ret > Spriest < Boomy < mage/warlock (pretty much not viable at all)

    Current Progression:

    Molten Core (10/10) - CLEARED
    Lucifron - 5/18/12
    Magmadar - 5/18/12
    Gehennas - 5/19/12
    Garr - 12/21/12
    Shazzrah - 12/21/12
    Baron Geddon - 12/21/12
    Golemagg the Incinerator - 12/29/12
    Sulfuron Harbinger - 12/29/12
    Majordomo Executus - 12/29/12
    Ragnaros - 12/29/12

    Blackwing Lair (1/7)
    Razorgore the Untamed - 1/13/13
    Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
    Broodlord Lashlayer

    Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (6/6) - CLEARED
    Kurinnaxx - 04/10/12
    General Rajaxx - 04/14/12
    Moam - 05/04/12
    Buru the Gorger - 04/21/12
    Ayamiss the Hunter - 04/28/12
    Ossirian the Unscarred - 05/04/12

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (1/9)
    The Prophet Skeram - 1/11/13
    Bug Trio - Yuaj, Vem, Kri - (1/25/13)
    Battleguard Sartura
    Fankriss the Unyielding
    Princess Huhuran
    Vek'lor & Vek'nilash

    World Bosses - (Unsure if possible)
    Kazzak the Doomlord
    Any other faction specific world bosses (Garrosh is a level 70 elite in the outland as is Rexxar but we have not yet learned if they are possible at all and will need more testing)

    Region: US / Alliance
    Instance: Molten Core,bwl,aq10,aq20
    Time: Raid times undecided at this point once we get more activity will be updated. In the past has been around 8 PM cst but usually takes an hour to form and get everyone ready and usually lasts 2-3 hours
    BattleTag: Pm for info
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