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    High Overlord Grinia's Avatar
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    May 2010
    United States
    General Temuja is up on Bonechewer-US. If you need an invite, PM for battle-tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinia View Post
    General Temuja is up on Bonechewer-US. If you need an invite, PM for battle-tag.
    Any chance he's up on EU-Horde?

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    looking for any1 90 whos farming troggs in deepholm (verlok stand on EU HORDE) and can invite me to grp. i just need the exp u can have all the loot.
    message me!

    - - - Updated - - -

    low population on my server. farm spot is free

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    226+ Ilvl Holy, or Prot Paladin LF Herald of the Titans run.
    I am looking for a group that is either putting the finishing touches on gear, or is already ready to go.
    I raid Thurs, and Sunday 8am-11pm PST ( 11-2am EST )
    I can play Mon, Tues, Wed 7pm-10pm Fri, Sat 8pm+

    Private message me for Bnet ID, or message me with Bnet ID
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    Hey all , just wondering if anyone out there horde side on a low pop/dead server wanting to cross realm farm some zandalari warbringers. I play on area 52 competition is pretty high. I'm only interested in the amber/jade mount and bags,so any rep insignias are yours and the slate mount if it drops, and you can roll on the jade and amber if they drop.

    I recently met a player who wanted help killing these guys for a mount , so we came to an agreement like the one I propose above. He gets the slate mount if it drops but the other 2 are free rolls, the second day we farmed them he puts it on master looter and just takes the jade mount.... So I just removed him.

    Anyways I am a dk and I spank them in blood spec. So if your on a low pop or completely dead server and want to take a crack at these guys inbox me or reply here. Thanks :P

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    I want to organize an group for "Worth Every Ritual Stone" on the Isle of Thunder. I have 19 summoning stones. PM me for battletag if you are interested.

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    Balance/Resto Druid looking for EU Horde Herald of the Titans run.
    Fixing gems/enchants when a group is formed.

    Has to be evenings or weekends. PM me in here if you need a healer or DPS for your group.
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    I am hoping to find a server with General Temuja up, if he is up on your server could you please send me a message.

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    226 Holy Paladin, or Prot Paladin LF Herald of the Titans US Horde
    Have near BiS for every slot.

    Message me for real ID

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    Looking to try to do Worth Every Ritual Stone. I have 37 ritual stones so no problems there. I'm a horde disc or shadow priest.

    PM for battle tag.

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    I am Murloc! Viradiance's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    AFK in dalaran
    Blood DK here looking for Challenge Mode Golds. Have 9/9 experience as a tank (monk). Also available: Combat/Assass rogue (deferred but I can go on her...)

    Death Knight
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Doing ICC 25 HC for mount rep etc. Today 19.00
    If you don't have an OpenRaid account you can message me here and I'll make sure to check my messages before the raid.

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    Blademaster Grozzle's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    hiding under the covers
    LFM US Alliance Herald of the Titans
    Need a healer and a few more dps


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    Mechagnome Enfilade's Avatar
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    I've been looking for General Temuja FOREVER. If he is up on your server, I'd really appreciate it!

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    I am looking for a EU server with Gaohun the Soul-Severer up in Vale. Would be much much appreciated if someone has it! Message for Battletag

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    LFM people who are interested in the "Gorgeous" PvP title from doing Deepwind Gorge achievements.

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    The Patient
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    Salt Lake City, UT
    Looking for a healer and a dps for the following 5man Cata achievements on Horde side (I'm willing to do any additional achievements that you do not have)

    No Static at All
    Here, Kitty Kitty..
    Spirit Twister
    Hex Mix
    Severed Ties
    Lazy Eye
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    Mechagnome Zatetic's Avatar
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    Launceston, Australia
    I'm interested in doing the Siege of Orgrimmar meta in flex this week or next week or both. Any wing.
    I have experience on all fights in normal difficulty.
    Arcane mage 550+ ilvl.
    Oceanic, but also nolifer.


    US only.
    Retired from WoW.

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    Titan Feali's Avatar
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    Third floor on the West Side
    Looking for 1 DPS for Setting Sun and Shado Pan GOLD Challenge Mode! NOW! (EU Olny)


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    Pit Lord Doktor Faustus's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    UK of Earth World & Northern Fat Land
    Looking for a DS Hc/Achievement run, EU.

    PM me here.


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