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    SV(or any other spec) Hunter
    Blackrock US

    T11 Heroics/acheivements
    H Rag

    Have killed a few T11 heroics but have researched thoroughly ALL fights. Glory of the Cataclysm Raider would be awesome but any Heroics or achieves would be nice.

    Heroic Rag seems a lot less likely but I'd still like to try. Don't necessarily need a guild to "carry" me through the fight. Would be willing to take a semi-experienced group to progress through it.

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    I'll guess this is mostly an American LF Cross-Realm then? Because I don't think the European nations are even allowed to play together if from different languages. Yes I do realize this is an English forum, no need to point that out. Some of us are only half English and not playing on the English servers though.

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    Oct 2011
    Alterac Valley 40-Man Premade [The Alterac Blitz] + [Stormpike Perfection]

    Want to put together an group for these achievements [The Alterac Blitz] + [Stormpike Perfection]
    I expect u to be full PVP Geared and have a clue of what ure doing.
    We will start with Blitz and then do Perfection.

    Date: Saturday 24 March 2012 // 19:30 - 20:30 //

    You can sign up here:

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    I'm LF'ing a group for Arathi Basin achievements or just a farm group with quick wins.

    Have preform
    401 pvp Ilevel
    4870 Resi
    Full gemmed and enchanted
    1.7k Rbg rating

    Click Sig below for my armory

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    would be willing to join a group for ulduar 25 man achivements, meta and non meta if possible.

    pm me for real id or just look my druids armory on my sig.

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    Looking for a Herald group on my 80 Orc Hunter.

    Lameshot 80 Orc Hunter

    I also need help gearing if possible, I have no issues with practice runs or a future group gearing each other, I would actually prefer it as that would be quicker than doing this on my own.

    I don't check threads often, so send me a message via these forums.
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    Looking for US HORDE Herald of the Titans run for my fury warrior *225 equipped.

    Can do pretty much any day this week, and beyond this week any day that isn't wednesday, thursday, or saturday.

    Here's my warrior's armory.

    EDIT: I think I'm going to start trying to form a group so just send me a PM if you're interested. *remember, US HORDE
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    Lvl 80 pala tank, gearing up for Herald of titans is looking for a group !


    /pm me for more info !

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    I would like to put together a group for a T11 Mount Achievement run, i am a resto/ele shaman. ALLIANCE US!

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    I would like to find a group to do Ulduar and ICC meta-achievements. Free most of the time, I can tank or dps with pretty much equal gear level, DK. US-Alleria PM if interested for more information.

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    I'm down to do any type of Meta-Achievements. Holy Pally/ Ret Pally. Tanaris-US
    Alliance. Send me a PM

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    Looking for cross-realm assistance to get Resilient Victory achievement in Arathi Basin. It's one of the few remaining metas I need for Battlemaster. My server is pretty dead when it comes to PvP pre-mades. See below for armory.

    Jehu - 85 Paladin - Eldre'Thalas (since apparently I can't post a link until I post more...)

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    Would love to get a group together to get some of the shittier to get BG achievements.
    Mostly after:
    - We had it all along *cough* (Win AB with less then 50 points)
    - The Perfect Storm (1600-0 EOTS)
    - Stormpike Perfection (Win AV without loosing any captain or tower, and capping all alliance towers)

    But can join for other ones just to get some easy wins. ^^
    4.7k res Ele Shaman.


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    I want to join:

    Pvp - Stormpike Perfection!
    Just noticed i missed a raid with this one on OpenRaid, damn.

    Shortiey, Alliance, Moonglade, EU.
    Warrior - Arms & Prot-spec.

    I can join allmost any night, PM me for more info.

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    US Horde
    Feral/Balance Druid
    4.1k res

    Daily HK farm runs
    PvP or PvE ach runs

    PM me if you have a group or are starting a group.

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    US Horde
    25 man Heroic Ulduar Achievment Run
    5:00 PM EST, 1 hour 40 minutes from this edit.
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    Looking to join:

    US HORDE ICC 25 Meta Achievements. I need the last 3
    [Portal Jockey]
    [I've been waiting a long time for this]
    [Neck Deep in Vile]

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    Gearing a lvl 80 paladin for Herald of the Titans. Tank pref or Healer. PM if you have a group or wish to start one. US servers - Alliance.

    Also, lvl 85 mage (US-Alliance) - LF ICC25 [Neck Deep in Vile], Heroic Rag, T11 Meta.
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    US Horde LFG

    Shadow priest and paladin tank/rogue/warrior dps/tank looking for groups for many different achievements (FL Meta, Tier 11 heroics/meta and some others). We are between 395 and 402 ilevel, attentive, not experienced in tier 11 content.

    Please send private message if you are looking to run these achievement groups.

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    EU Horde LFG

    Me: Shaman (Resto MS ilvl402, Enh OS ilvl396)
    LF: T11 Raid Achievements (trying to finish Glory t11 ) or Halion25HC or TotGC25HC every fight known

    Send me a PM, if you run such a group.
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