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    its too bad there isn't a website that does

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    EU Horde LFG
    Hunter 4,5k resi need ressilent victory and eots perfection.

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    rogue full cata lf rbg or DS 10 man normal

    got 392 ilevl full pve gear and full cata pvp gear is my armory link i'l prob be in my pvp gear for 2vs2

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    EU Horde LFG

    I would like to get the Twin Peaks' Double Jeopardy achievement done - it should be doable even with a group of 5 if we're lucky, but the more the merrier.

    Please send me a PM if you're interested.

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    AB premade going on 4/7/12 @2130 EST

    Have a few guildies helping, sign up if interested and you meet the criteria. Big plus if you're a healer.
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    Subtlety rogue Sunstrider EU PvP LFG:
    - The Perfect Storm (1600-0 EOTS) for Battlemaster.
    - Strand of the Ancients farming

    Send PM.

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    looking for 3 more people for amani bear runs! have a healer and a dps

    5 runs over 5 days = 5 bears

    requirements, geared enough to make this easy

    Alliance US

    PM me with your details or asking for mine
    I see Stupid people!

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    Warchief Arcanimus's Avatar
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    Where everything is bitter. Especially me.
    Weelky Ulduar, ICC, ToGC, and Onyxia runs in the AM (EST), ideal for Aussies and third shifters like myself.
    > Check my raid roster on OpenRaid.US <
    This week's Ulduar is a meta run, next week is non-meta. I alternate every week.
    I have 3 more runs of Heroic ICC on my Warrior, then I will do a reg mode full meta clear, followed by more heroics.
    I also take requests, and am willing to run other raids for achievements.

    One thing though: NO heroic Throne of the Four Winds. I've had my share of pain on Conclave and Al'Akir, thank you very much.
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    *bro fist*
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    US Horde Resto Shaman or Prot/Arms Warrior looking to complete T11 Meta Achievements. Way over-geared for the content, know mostly all of the strategies, and I'm easy to get along with.

    Your email gets mine.

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    EU Horde LFG
    Hunter lfg for Arathi Basin Perfection Achievement for Battlemaster.

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    Warchief Arcanimus's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Where everything is bitter. Especially me.
    25 t7 meta run, scheduled for Monday @ 9AM EST (-5GMT)
    Doing the following achievements:
    The Dedicated Few (25 player)
    Make Quick Werk of Him (25 player)
    Momma Said Knock You Out (25 player)
    And They Would All Go Down Together (25 player)
    The Spellweaver's Downfall (25 player)
    A Poke in the Eye (25 player)
    The Hundred Club (25 player)
    Arachnophobia (25 player)
    The Safety Dance (25 player)
    Shocking! (25 player)
    Subtraction (25 player)
    You Don't Have an Eternity (25 player)
    The Twilight Zone (25 player)
    Just Can't Get Enough (25 player)

    Mounts are not reserved for Malygos or Sartharion.
    Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris reserved.
    226 item level Intellect gear (useable by druid) reserved.

    Will be bringing 18 people.
    Sapphiron, Kel'thuzad, and Malygos will be Master Looted. All remaining bosses will be on group loot.
    Will also accomodate personal achievements where possible without extended time and/or failed achievements. (Gonna Go when the Volcano Blows, Denyin the Scion)

    Will also attempt Spore Loser.

    I will be attending on my level 80 druid, prepping for Herald of the Titans.
    Signup link for T7 meta run

    Following that up with a 10 ToC (REG) achievement run:
    Doing the following achievements:

    Upper Back Pain (10 player)
    Not One, But Two Jormungars (10 players)
    Three Sixty Pain Spike (10 players)
    Resilience Will Fix It
    The Traitor King (10 Players)

    Illumination Reserved.
    I will be attending on a level 80 druid, prepping for Herald of the Titans.
    Still hosting other raids weekly.
    > Check my raid roster on OpenRaid.US <
    Signup link for ToC:
    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    *bro fist*
    Main - My Youtube Channel - Useful PvP Items - Hunter Pet Spreadsheet - Music and Stuff

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    4793 Res disc priest (US horde) Looking for Premades for the following achievements:
    Frostwolf Perfection
    Alterac Blitz
    Resilient Victory
    Eye of the Storm Perfection
    Newbs to Plowshares
    Dont get cocky kid
    If you have a group that will be doing any of these achievements that also
    needs a good healer, feel free to give me a PM and we can exchange realID info.
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    Level 80 disc/holy priest LFG Herald of the Titans, i know the whole algalon fight and got working microphone

    Im currently working on the gear req and im always open for gear runs.

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    Level 80 Ele/Enh shaman LFG Herald of The Titans, i know the fight, have the gear required, and have a working mic. PM me if you are interested.
    EDIT:US - Horde

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    Lvl 85 Holy Priest looking for BoT hc for meta, BWD hc for meta, firelands hc for meta and the FL normal achievements
    Lvl 80 Lock LF - Herald of Titans, i know the fight, i am still gearing this toon though

    Sylvanas Eu (Horde) - PM if interested

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    go to

    great site, i was able to finish my t11 meta today, there r sum very successful groups, got my heroic rag mount finally thanks to this site too.

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    High Overlord Nayura's Avatar
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    Nayura's Cross Realm ICC/Ulduar Achievement runs! This is for Horde, US players!

    Who I'm looking for: Anyone! Mostly people at max level, I will consider people at 80+ SOMETIMES. I only ever need one tank, because I am a tank! DPS and Healer Roles are always welcome!

    When: Friday/Saturday, 8-11 PM EST. (Times may vary depending on how long it takes, always try to start at 8, getting the group together, blahblah).

    Why come? I hold no reserves for anything, no quests items, no transmog items, and no mounts or other vanity items! My looting rules are pretty fair. If you can use it, you can roll on it. I mean there are smaller sub-rules that apply. For instance, if a hunter rolls on a bow for transmog, and a warrior rolls on the same bow, It's generally going to go to the hunter over the warrior/rogue, etc. Just commons sense.

    If you have prior concerns, as far as quests go. (Infusions/Shards/Fragments) Just feel free to include it in your PM when you contact me! Which I will address now!

    How: You can contact me on here through Private Message if you're looking for a spot! Just send me a PM, listing your realid, so I can add you, your role that you wish to fulfill, and any information you may think relevant.

    Other details: I plan to start doing Cross Realm achievement runs for Firelands/T11 Raids, and Dragon Soul Heroic PuGs. If things go well with the above achievement runs, I will certainly look into starting these up to. Oh, and. Bring friends! "IF" you plan on joining me for any of these events, feel free to bring people along from your server! The more the merrier!

    ~Nay <3

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    lfg herald of the titans on alliance EU.
    I am an almost fully geared holy paladin (already enough for algalon, but not BiS).
    pls pm me if you need me

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