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    complete, ty
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    Feb 2011
    Chicago, Illinois
    Looking to complete One Man Army, need:

    Currently on US-Magtheridon, Horde.


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    i would love to get my lorewalker acheivment!

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    Sep 2011
    Hi all I play on an extremely low pop server so anyone looking for rares is welcome to poke me for a battle tag inv pm for it ^^ Eu-horde!
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    Ret Pally looking to do Challenge modes. Available during most weekdays and some nights.
    My armory is in my sig.

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    its a nice iniciative to make achievs on cross realms, mainly for the servers who have low population.

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    Hello guys. Does anyone have Huo-Shuang spawned? I'm from horde EU (Twisting nether), and havn't seen him for 60days!!!!! So please, if he is spawned, add me Naggash#2811. Tnx.

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    Alliance Disc/Holy Priest LFG Gold Challenge Modes.

    Available 8am until 7pm USA-CST, Monday through Friday.

    Armory link:

    Will be bringing anything to benefit the run (invis pots, flasks, food, etc.) and don't mind wiping a few times till we get it right.

    Battletag: No1kn0wz#1886.

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    In my fapcave.
    I'm looking for General Temuja for the One Man Army achievement.
    I play alliance on EU servers. My battletag is PezFTW#2332
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    frost dk LF good group challenge mode for try to get rank 1 us
    must have a disc priest,hunter,monk tank

    contact info gabynator#1902

    my parse

    i got all gold challenge in 5.0

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    Boston, MA
    I'm currently looking for General Temuja or Essence of Horror on US-Alliance.

    Battletag: Jellog POUND 1552


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    LFM to get improved times in challenge modes. Aiming top 10 world

    Need a blood dk/prot paladin, resto sham with ele offspec and knowledge how to play it, a mage and a hunter.

    Send me a PM if interested. This is by no means a hand hold carry through 9/9 gold and I expect you to have 9/9 gold.

    EU alliance

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    Elemental LF:

    Cataclysm heroic dungeon meta achievement
    4.0 meta achievement
    FL meta achievement
    DS meta achievement

    And also Challange Mode complete gold run.

    EU / German, English, Russian - PM for battletag
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer
    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    Looking for everything to do A Change of Command (EU, Alliance). We'll roll out this Saturday at 13:00 Server Time assuming we have enough folks.

    OpenRaid event.
    PvE:er to the bone. Plays a druid. Also plays DotA and a whole bunch of other stuff. Listens to mostly everything.
    "We actually contracted out the creation of the equally-epic-yet-non-loot-dropping-non-boss mobs in Throne of Thunder to a giant snail. I think he did a pretty good job."
    - Blue Q&A

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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to organize a Wrath Share the Love Achievement Run on heroic gun'drak. I'm on US-Horde Illidan, it's the last achieve I need for mount so would greatly appreciate it!

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    Inside Your Monitor
    Armory Profile:

    Looking for a group to run challenge modes with on any nights other than Tues/Wed/Thurs when I'm raiding.

    I am currently 7/16H 25m - last expansion I was part of the server fist 25m 8/8H DS clear. Been raiding since Vanilla wow, am competent with my class.

    I can also possibly be available to heal as well.

    Add Me: Geekissexy#1544

    I am also willing to do graphics design work in return for members in the group that are interested, as can be seen below my singnature in a link.

    Thank you.

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    Is anybody interested in farming 2k x Domination Point Commission for the Rodent Crate,so we can get these battle pets to show up?
    Black Prince reputation is a bonus!
    On a side note if your about to pop one of these boxes or know somebody who has one and is about to use it, let me know please.
    Add THT#2226 ( EU - Horde)!

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    Just signed up for mmo champ. Looking for help with meta achievements from WOTLK including dungeons and naxx,icc etc. Willing to help others as well of course..just send a pm! Thanks all

    US Alliance
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    Silvermoon City
    Edit: completed
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    Hosting an achievement run for ToES and HoF, details and sign ups at OpenRaid (US - Alliance)


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