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    Looking for a US-Horde with General Temuja up. Last one needed for One Many Army. PM for my battle tag. I'm on Zul'jin so I can let you know which ones are spawned for today on this server as well.

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    sinds i cant find ppl to achieve Challenge mode : Gold
    this is very nice content so im looking for people that wanne do it or help me get it
    my character is an Blood DK ( 492 ilvl atm)

    realm is shattered hand - EU side ( Horde )

    we have a mumble server
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    Elemental (only spec) Shaman looking for a CM Gold run! PM for more information.


    - german (home-realm), russian, english
    - TS3 + headset
    - own bufffood


    - 8/12N ToT
    - 16/16H pre 5.2
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer
    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    Hey there. I am looking for a group or people who want to do Challenge Mode: Silver or Gold on all heroics. I am an Arms warrior, Ilvl 498. Looking for a group or 2 more dps (Ranged Preferred) a healer and tank. Though if you have a group and looking for a DPS I am here. I am on Moon Guard - US, Alliance side. Shanterisa is my toon name. PST in game/ mail or here. Thanks!

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    EU Horde 510 mage LF any/full gold run. Have a couple of golds on my warr, but want them all on mage.


  6. #166 This website will be your friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping View Post This website will be your friend!
    Added both .eu and .us to the first post.

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    Looking for Horde on US realms to Farm Giant Dinosaur Bones for the White Ivory Raptor

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    Exiled, I'll tag along. I can't pm you because I don't have 10 posts, just pm me your tag!

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    This is the Achievement group thread. If you want groups to farm Bones here is the thread

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    Lfg herald of titans Eu - Alliance level 80 prot warrior almost fully geared! leave a PM

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    Heya folks. I've got a level 80 guardian Druid on the server arthas, US. I'm looking for a group to run 10m ulduar with so that I can begin gearing for herald of the titans. I've got a friend that's leveling a toon right now with some of his guiltiest so that we can do herald together and I wanted to start collecting gear for it ASAP. I don't know if anyone actually forms groups to farm for the gear anymore or if they just buy most it with justice or buy runs through ulduar for the gear. I would like to gear up through running ulduar legit but if there are any kind souls out there that are willing to carry me through a few of the bosses in ulduar so that I can nab some resto gear I'd be really appreciative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirox View Post
    Herald of the Titans (Alliance US)
    Just need 1 more Tank, starting this run today

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    I'm looking for a Herald of the Titans run on EU. Got a blood/frost DK. I haven't done the fight at 80 before but I have a lot of raiding experience (as in endgame raiding with high level guilds) and will come more than prepared.

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    Looking for a herald group aswell, know all the fights level 80 blood dk around 220 Ilevel, add me JPDeslre#2244

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    Warlock looking for CM Gold runs. I'm missing 6 of them. ~529 ilvl. Can be any spec. Have vent and skype, no mumble.

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    alliance on argent dawn-eu is looking for some people to team up and grind pirates for steamwheele cartel. its my last part for insane in the membrane but booty bay is still at ~18000/36000

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    Im a ilvl 506 hunter with 1 silver and 1 gold in CM experience, looking to finnish this wonderful thing off tonight if the right ppl come along !

    What i need is players with experience from CM´s who want to dedicate tonight to finnish all 9 dungeons so that we all get done, i need all classes atm so feel free to let me know if you are interessted!

    Please let me know what kind of experience you got though !


    Battle id: Lancett#2829

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    Need at least 2 more for Crushing bones and Cracking Skulls from BlackRock caverns heroic. Bibly#1692

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