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    Noob leveling a priest.

    I'm really new to this whole priest thing, I was wondering now that I've hit 10th level if I should go shadow until 15? I'd like to start healing dungeons at that point and can respec or would I be ok just taking disc until then and not worrying with the respec?

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    Disc is fine, penance hits really hard at low level.

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    Awesome, yeah I'm loving penance as damage lol.

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    i leveled as shadow, but that was before atonement and stuff, i guess now disc is same good for questing, especially for early levels

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    I'm going to be doing a LOT of dungeon leveling once I hit 15, so I know that I'll need disc then. At 30 obviously I'll get dual and spec shadow for questing in between queues.

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    Just go disc. Smite spam your way to 85. Heal dungeons on the way.

    If you get bored and fancy a shadow spec then get dual spec at 30. Disc will be fine up to 30.

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    Disc is better dps class than shadow until Northend and lvl70 or so. Spammable hard hitting nukes with automatic self heal component(disc) vs shadows weak slow dots and mana troubles.

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    I found disc was easily the best up until the 80s. Felt invincible while questing and instant dungeon queues.

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