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    Quote Originally Posted by vilereaver41 View Post
    2. W.v.W.v.W
    3. Awesome Looking Character's and animations
    5. Massive Scale Dynamic Event's and World Progression.
    6. A beautiful Unique Art Style
    10. I like the Simple yet advanced Personal Story they implemented Makes me feel like the MMO Is Made just for me.
    and for me:
    -public quest style and pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellspawnxxx View Post
    Thank god an Intellectual that I can do battle with. Im glad you posted that because thats the arguement of a glass half full kind of person which is great BTW you seem like a smart positive person. I on the other hand am a half empty kind of person Im a smart but negative person. But regardless of how we see the glass its still in the middle and so is Dynamic Events / Questing.

    Quest is Static yes but what is a Quest at its core. Forget about the means in how you start or obtain a Quest what is the Core Design of a Quest. Its you complete a set task in a set area for a set award. example Kill X amount of something / gather x of something / kill this (insert name here) boss so on and so forth....

    Dynamic Events when you enter an area and it activates, The Core of the Dynamic event is pretty well the same as a Traditional Quest its still Kill X amount of Pirates or for X amount of Time / Gather x amount of rabbits / watermellons (In the game BTW not made up) and still the Kill this (insert name) Boss.

    Thats like saying The Waltz and the Tango because they differ is some aspects mean they shouldnt both be considered dancing.

    Dynamic Events at its Core as in what you do to complete the Event and or Quest is more alike then dislike. The Bulk of what your doing is the same. heres another example of what I mean.

    Time Tables for the Mechanics of a Quest versus a Dynamic Event.

    Starting Quest 10-20 Secs to talk to a Quest Giver Look at what the Objective and rewards
    End Quest 10 secs to choose what reward you want.

    Starting Dynamic Event 10-20 Secs Looking at the World Map Deciding what DE you wish to go to Entering area and auto starts.
    End of Dynamic Event 10 secs to choose reward.

    Right there those are the only 2 real diffrences about Quest and Dynamic Events about 30 Secs Worth of diffrent activation / Ending Methods.

    But The rest of the time your still in some sort of conflict or gathering mechanic that both games provide.

    Now if ANET designed thier Dynamic Events using something other then a Kill X or Gather X formula then i could see the radical diffrences bettewen the 2 games.
    I'm not disagreeing that Dynamic Events are completely different from Quests. They both give you simple tasks (Kill X, Defend Y, Collect Z, Capture W, Ect.), but it's the main way that they are presented that matters and is the main difference.

    I wouldn't call Dynamic Events "Questing", I would call it another form of Organized Objectives in a game. Questing is an incorrect term to use because it suggests that it is the same as questing, which it isn't. You wouldn't call "Cleaning the Dishes" a quest in real life; mainly because we don't think in these terms in real life, but also because it's a task presented to you in a different way. You still have to clean X number of dishes to be finished, does that make it a quest? I wouldn't call it a quest, I'd call it a task.

    When you think about it all games are a series of tasks, or goals to accomplish.
    In Mario your goal is to Beat Bowser, Save the Princess.
    In Zelda your goal is to Collect X artifacts, Save Zelda, Beat Ganon.
    In MW3 your goal is usually Kill X enemies, go there >.

    You wouldn't call any of those things Quests as if you were talking about WoW's questing. So I would hope you wouldn't call Dynamic Events Questing.

    It's all in how it's presented, not in what you actually have to do to complete is my point.
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    One of my favorite things about the game...You don't need a bunch of quests to tell you where to go. You can just run around and do exactly what you want. If you see something interesting while you're exploring, then you can go check it out and participate in whatever is going on. It doesn't matter where you are either, because there's a chance to find something going on anywhere you are.

    It encourages exploring the game because for example you might find something cool going on inside a cave that you didn't even know existed. It's not just a useless cave that has a bunch of Orcs standing around doing nothing.

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    I am not sure we seen anything for mundane DEs that is above collect x/kill y/defend z. Functionally, DEs are the same as the tasks in other MMOs- at least the simple ones.

    This seems organic and far less dreary than say, Tera or Rift questing. Which are hands down, fucking awful. Obvs. my opinion, but I do think organic or emergent questing is way forward thinking in this genre.

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    For me most Promissing thing about GW2 are possible outcomes of Dynamic Events. This is basicly one thing I rly want to see how Arenanet will manage implement.
    Whole idea of stuff happening right in front of you, and outcome of that events changing world around you depends on your and others performance in area is what made me want try GW2.
    For me its nice step to RPG in MMORPG name - where I can feel that Im RolePlaying as static questing with 1 set outcome kinda killing it for me.
    So Im hoping that game will make me feel/give that illusion that Im realy RolePlaying mine character rather then reading/experiencing writen/showed to me unchangable story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow White View Post
    I wonder is anyone is going to ask "wtf where are all the quests?"
    There are still 'hearts' though, which counts a bit as quests.

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    It seems like it will bring back fun into mmo gaming. Other games became more of a job / grind. I can casually login and play without feeling like I have to run dailies or getting maxed point for a week.

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