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    7-day free trial exchange. Post below...

    Many thanks to Boub for linking this page to the MMO-Champ homepage.

    If you haven't read up on this yet, people who currently have active subscriptions to SW:TOR can invite 3 others to a 7-day free trail to the game. All you need to do is provide them with an email address and then they can send you the invite. This trial account allows the user to get to level 15, visit the character's starting zone, faction fleet and capitol city, as well as run a flashpoint and a warzone. Trail accounts work for all, from both US and EU accounts

    I have 1 or more free trials to offer
    Sign up below with your name and the number of trails you have available:

    Fannyd - 0 free

    Please make sure that you edit your post with how many trials you have left

    I require a free trial
    If you require a trial then just keep checking the thread and PM people who say they have free trails (to try and keep the thread clean)

    A lot of people are trying to get trials by putting their email in the thread. If you can't PM people then I guess there isn't much other option, however, please try to break up your email address (unless you have a certain love for countless spam emails for Viagra). Also, be aware that you are far more likely to get a trial by contacting someone who is giving them out than hoping that they will select your email by chance.


    Finally, some tips:
    Thanks Zealous

    1. The trial lasts 14 days from the moment the invitation is sent out and 7 days from the moment it is activated. As soon as one period expires, so does the trial.

    2. has a very good guide for beginners named "A WoW player's guide to TOR", check it out before asking questions:

    3. You can find almost anything you need using the map in TOR. It has multiple filters and a very powerful tool called the magnifying glass (activated by a checkbox in the bottom left corner). Before you start panicking that you can't find a vendor - try using the map's filters.

    4. For the official FAQs with regards to friends invites go to


    UPDATE: 10/4
    It appears that everyone has now got 25 trials to give away, meaning that anyone that wants to try the game really should be able to.
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    So I should post here if I'm interested in receiving a 7 day free trial?

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    Imawesome- 3 free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagendaz View Post
    So I should post here if I'm interested in receiving a 7 day free trial?
    Edited OP - Post if you have a free trial. If you are looking for one then just keep checking the thread and PM people who say they have some open.

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    Thanks for clarifying the OP. It helped a lot on the confusion lol.

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    very cool, now i can check out the game and see if it will run okay with my com =D

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    Cairhiin - 0 free atm (though 1 is on hold, and will post if the situation changes)

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    no anymore
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    Thank you!! really appreciate it.

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    No problem! it is am amazing game. Hope you enjoy it. ^_^

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    *Bump* For more people offering up any free-trials that you have spare
    - the more the merrier!

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    If anyone have a spare invite PM me.

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    If anybody has free trial, please send me PM. Thank you

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    i would like an account too
    게임 은 어렵~~

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    I would love to get a trail account if possible! i have not posted before so i can PM someone but if someone would send me a trial account that would be amazing! thanks!

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    0 available.
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    vegas bb
    Zero left, lol.
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    None left...
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    I would love to get a trial offer, I can PM whoever the email if someone has any available! thanks.

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    Anyone willing to give one to me? Id love to give this game a go!

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