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    So you took the boss where everyone does about 50% of their normal damage due to high downtime and alot of movement and added another healer to alow players to ignore some stuff?
    I'll give you this:

    It's dedication, but I'm sorry. You yourself is not playing any better than the majority of the top players in the world. You are however fed with a lot of "extra" (DI, FM [dafuk?], PI, TotT).
    Not to mention that you start the fight of with tree orbs and you are doing you SF/AA phase wrong.

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    do not feed this troll

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    world first for what now?

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    Please stop posting these as "guides". This is not a guide. Getting top ranks for kills is just a matter of how many buffs you can throw on a person and with the 10% debuff, cheese the fight. It is not an achievement, it is not TEACHING anyone anything about how to play the class, and excel in their raid group. You LEARN something from a guide, this does nothing for anyone wanting to learn more about how to actually DPS in a normal raid situation.

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