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    65 37.14%
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    23 13.14%
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    25 14.29%
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    railroader from north west ontario canada
    $95k canadian a year - add the wife and the households at 140k yearly.
    30.35 per hour, with alot of overtime and 30 hours a month for just carrying a pager while im on shift (24/7 on call, 18 days a month)

    At 30 years old, living fairly comfortable (no kids either atm)
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    I'm officially unemployed now, so I work random jobs and the yearly income is unpredictable.
    At my last official job I earned under 3600Ls a year (that's around 6700$, I guess - I assume the values in poll are meant to be in $, also). (This is after the taxes, btw).

    I'm not sure how is that job called in English, but it was about TV monitoring - basically, you watch pre-recorded tapes from TV channels in fast-forward and put all the data about TV ads in database. Depending on channel and the amount of ads, 1 such tape could take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to go through (up to 24 actual hours recorded). It sounds easy, but it's actually quite stressful and hard on eyes since you have deadlines every day. And if someone fell ill / was on vacation, her channel(s) got split between the rest of us, meaning we worked additional hours - sometimes that meant I worked 12 or more hours a day.

    (I noticed that someone posted that he/she recieves 9000+$ as a pocket money from parents. Well, FML, I guess, lol.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevername View Post
    6 figures ain't what it used to be and I'm sure a couple are counting that as combined household income or non US currency, so it's possible. As for myself, my job is a horrible necessity of the US government and will not last forever, my job security is very low and I could be unemployed at the drop of a hat... the life of the contractor.
    Yeah, 6 figures doesn't stretch very far in certain areas of the country. I live in NYC, and the cost of rent that I pay is probably more than people make in a year in other parts of the country, yet they live more comfortably that I do.

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    85 000$ CAD a year without overtime, 43$/h. Civil engineering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slappers View Post
    Man, 27$k sounds so little concidering you have two degrees and 5 years of experience. Is it really that cheap in Ohio, US?
    Yeah, my salary is considered average (maybe even a little above average) for the area I live in. Very rural, very low income. When combined with my girlfriend's (who makes a good bit more than I do), we live comfortably.

    But, like I said, I'm not particularly happy with how much I make. I've actually got a little presentation laid out that I plan to take to my boss sometime soon requesting a raise. If he doesn't go for it, time to look elsewhere, there're no shortage of IT jobs in Ohio.

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    Not very much comapred to the US , but as my currency of where i live .. its acceptable 25K

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    Around 20k€ a year. My wage varies a bit monthly because we get paid extra when we work weekends or late shifts. This means that I get extra 4-5€ per hour after 6pm or extra 10€ per hour on sundays. Monthly I get about 1,8-1,9k (around 1,4-1,5k after taxes), which is really enough to pay for my living and to save some.

    Where I live, this is not much (the median wage I believe is around 35k a year), but in the field I work in it's the norm.

    I could always be happy with more, but I get by nicely with my current salary. Sure, making that 30k a year would be sweet, but I like my work well enough.

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