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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    He spent the whole time standing at the back, doing nothing but damage. He never once tried to use his utility skills to give his teammates a boon, and never once tried to control mobs.

    So basically, he played like there was a trinity, then when his teammates had to try to keep him alive and handle the mobs without his help, he says "AHA I've got you, I knew there was still a trinity!"

    Great - this means we all have to deal with a bunch of idiots from time to time who try to prove their trinity-theory while not doing their job and beeing nothing but chock on the groups chariot.

    However, nice article, thanks for linking it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    I disagree with MikeB's objectivity.

    The day before the embargo lift he posted on Twitter:

    In previous months he filled in on GamebreakerTV when the GW2 presenters where absent on a few occasions, and every time he would say things along the lines of "oh well they say they got rid of the trinity, but I think you can still play like a healer" etc.

    So he had made his mind up months before he even played the game.
    In my opinion, that completely destroys his creditability as a journalist doing a review.
    It may be. In any case it's not what I was talking about; even if he's not impartial, which I can forgive since he's not a machine, the report did sound so instead of reading like a love letter.

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    I loved reading this article. Can't wait to experience this game!

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    FINALLY! A great write up on GW2 beta. Not just "this mechanic does this" that we've heard ad nauseum for the past 4 months. He writes his opinions and his view points. Great read. Anyone who considers themselves a GW2 fan MUST read this article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothaeryn View Post
    it is getting increasingly harder for me to hold out and wait with nothing to play in the meantime ><
    Try out City of Heroes, imo, it's a great time-killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malthurius View Post
    He played a Necromancer in the dungeon. There was an engineer that was putting down healing turrets in his group and he said something along the lines of "The trinity is abolished somewhat; That's not to say the guy throwing heals on the ground isn't our dedicated healer, and the guy taking all the hits isn't a tank".
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