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    Same reason you keep doing raids after defeating the last boss.

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    Rob Pardo back in August with the introduction of the RMAH said that people would be playing long after they were level capped and gear capped because of the loot system and the real money auction house.

    I think he was right.

    The real money value added to your gear will be a complete new experience to dungeon crawling.

    It is like opening a booster pack of Magic TG cards each time you down mobs or bosses.

    Remember the first time you found that foil 10 dollar rare card ? Well that is now coupled to the Diablo gear chase...

    Long term playing value assured.
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    It's not about reaching the end, it's about the randomization. You keep playing until you don't have fun anymore! That's how it is with all games even ones with a definite end.

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    Nobody forces you to get BiS gear. If you feel you have reached the end after completing inferno that is okay. Now go hardcore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rezoacken View Post
    Nobody forces you to get BiS gear. If you feel you have reached the end after completing inferno that is okay. Now go hardcore.
    well the problem with BiS gear in D2 was... what was the BiS gear and i hope that'll be the same in D3 aswell

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    It's pointless, It's like going back to square one. It'll be boring real fast. Don't think it will, it will >.>

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    The only reason I played D2 for years was my attempt at the "Grail" - to find every set and unique item in the game. Playing single player, I could use programs like Atma and GoMule to save them.

    With D3 being online only, I can't think of a single reason I would keep playing after beating inferno.

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    hmm. It was the same in D2. Even after you beat baal or uber series people still farmed. Just for the sake of farming >.>

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    I use these kind of games as stress relief. Get home from a crazy day at work and just nuke some mobs. I love it! Also if you get some lucky drops, you can always sell them on RMAH and make a few bucks...

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    Whats the point in raiding in MMOs? Why? So you can get gear to raid higher raids? Why? Another expansion is coming and all those lost hours are pointless

    You can pretty much do that with any genre or game.

    The point of videogames is to stimulate you by challenging your hand-to-eye cordination, some games can stimulate you from a story perspective, tough this is more rare.

    There is no different playing Street Fighter 4 and playing Guile for 500 hours or playing your Barbarian in Diablo 3 for 500 hours, the journey is that you get better and figure out small tricks and ways to maximize usage of that character.

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    Also for anyone trying to get the best ready to spend loads of time since almost everything has variable stats and a lot of them also have completely random stats and the perfect item will be very expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pipboyedshadowmourne View Post
    I put it simple , im in beta, i have ended it lots of times with all classes and i don´t have "bis" gear but i dont get any fun from it anymore
    Yeah , item stats in this stage of game are very boring and so enemies ,but once you kill the final boss why would you need more gear? you can kill any mob in the game
    You've seen what? The first hour of gameplay on the first out of four difficulties? Surely that reflects on the game in its entirety....

    However, if you keep feeling like that, maybe Diablo isn't for you.

    Also; they made it pretty clear that inferno isn't a walk in the park. The lowest monster level there will be above player max level, where it the highest in d2 was below player level. They even had a vlog out saying 'yeah, you'll get your ass kicked'.

    And if you feel like you're not achieving things.. try hardcore! Here it will matter what build you have, how you approach things, and what frame of mind you're in.
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