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    Quote Originally Posted by Beenieshaman View Post
    Good idea and take away the 5%critical from mage and give it to rogues

    Lot of 10mans don't have mages as well.
    Give this buff to mage = no more raid for locks?

    For pvp good idea as well, like that big nerf for mage and nomore dps
    You mean what subtlety rogues allready got...
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    Wait. Are you telling me that Unleashed Rage is... gone? ...please tell me you're joking. I am not happy with it!

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    "Highly-skilled players would have no one to oppose in the BG" They would just do what they have been doing since the beginning gank lowbies when not in a bg or camp gy when in a bg.

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    I think I would rather have them release the whole game at launch, no matter how broken it is, I mean that is what all the cool games are doing now right? Now on a more serious note, I don't mind waiting while for them to makes sure the PvP system is up to par before they patch it in. I will just enjoy the rest of the game until then. And if I get the urge to play in a broken pvp system I'll just log back on to WoW. But really, for all of you who are so pissed off and complaining about how long it has taken for D3 to come out, if you are that upset then why not just skip the game and save your money for a more awesome game like....... Dragon Age or SWTOR .... oh wait they are already there and they sucked because they were released too early and broken.

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    In Mists PvP, they both do about the same amount of raw damage to each other, with a slight edge for Jillian. Her power stat offsets Ders's PvE stats. Jillian takes less damage because of her PvP Defense (let’s say it’s 50% damage reduction), but Ders still has 30% damage reduction innately, so he doesn’t blow up either. Again the difference is smaller. If Ders wants to get serious about PvP, he’s eventually going to want PvP gear, and Jillian will want more PvE gear to do PvE.

    So you can still do pvp in pve gear...great. That's all i'm getting from that. Sure Ders will be hit a little harder, but if he happens to be the FoTM class it won't matter because he'll have enough survivability to negate that extra resi and enough burst to drop Jillian like a rock.

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    If everything is going to get so homogenized, and all major encounters are designed around having all possible buffs and debuffs anyway, what do they really bring to the table? Basically all they do is penalize groups that don't have the optimum raid comp.=
    Just revamp the "luck of the draw" buff, and give it to every group that gets formed. That would meet all of the design goals.=
    As for class stacking, wouldn't it be better to design encounters that don't benefit from stacking a certain class? Or maybe to redesign how spells work? Instead of having 5 Hurricanes going at the same time, let the 1st one go off and give the other 4 druids "a more powerful spell is already in effect". Or maybe have a new mechanic with diminishing returns where players combined their powers to cast the same spell, and they both get credit for it in the dps logs.=
    I wish Bliz would quit wasting resources on technical minutia masturbation like this and give us more content to do instead of making us fart around with group comp.

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    Stack buffs or make combo!

    Why not drop the amount each players buff bring to the table and simply have them stack. For example My main is a priest. More stam. Great. But now another priest will be less likely to be added to raid because the buff is already there. So why not make stam for every priest maybe 5-7% but make per priest. So 3 priests in the raid gives everyone a 15-21% stam buff. Then design raid bosses to match that design.

    So that lets say you can't just throw 10 priests in a raid to have a massive amount of stamina. Or maybe cap at 3 buffs max. Just an incentive to stack classes or not. Or to try different raid make ups to beat a boss based on stacking. And the bosses buff is based on your buffs. So if you are stacking stam as a raid the boss just hits more often harder. If you stack attack power maybe the boss has a faster enrage. If you are Changing the experience just about everytime you fight the boss the boss never gets old.

    Maybe one raid boss 20% haste is the win, maybe 20% stam is the way, maybe 20%xxxx. Just chnages the experience everytime.

    Another idea is to make buffs out of combination of classes. Like the old chronotrigger. For example: A disc priest casts his raid bubble. And then another priest does. Something special happens. Maybe instead of 10% damage reduction from each they stack and offer 25% together. Or make the bubble bigger.

    Maybe if you cast Guardian Spirit on a party member and if another priest does the same it acts as divine shield on the target for the duration. I know this is a stretch, but I dont think there must you can do in the way of buffs that make them exciting in anyway anymore. You might as well remove them and make them all passive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakeWurrum View Post
    Wait. Are you telling me that Unleashed Rage is... gone? ...please tell me you're joking. I am not happy with it!
    I'm okay with it if we get to keep the expertise part of the talent. Even if hunters do end up with needing expertise, I think we ought to enjoy an advantage with that secondary stat still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakeWurrum View Post
    Wait. Are you telling me that Unleashed Rage is... gone? ...please tell me you're joking. I am not happy with it!
    What about priests? We can just buff stamina (and any warlock/warrior can) and nothing else.. I really don't like these news.

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    Well this is good, reducing the composition that you need to have!

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    Not gonna read through 12 pages, but what about hunters and in particular their pets when it comes to buffs/debuffs?

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    I like the buff/debuff changes a lot. The game just needed it.

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